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Kind voice calling my name before entering sleep paralyse
Hi everyone.
I was laying in my bed last night(awake), thinking. The sleep paralyse started when I
heared a kind voice(female) calling my name twice in a very lovely and caring tone. and i found myself not able to move or talk.
I have had several to many experiences of sleep paralyses and lucid multiple-layered dreams before. I ve also had experiences which felt a bit like out of body experince during these dreams( not totally ). And all of this started since a few months ago, and I am 17.
(usually the lucid dreams turn into sleep paralyses when i struggle to wake myself up)

To sum it up, it was not my first time expeeincing REALLY WIERD dreams. But, it was the first time when I heared this voice calling me before I enter the sleep paralyse, and the voice was SO REAL. It wasn't the voice of somebody i know. and i dont know what it could actually be. Just imagination and part of sleep paralyse? an actually kind being which called me to stop me from entering the lucid dream? ( I actually made it to break the sleep paralyse after some struggle ) , an evil thing connected to the sleep paralyse which only seemed to be kind? idk..

Any ideas?
Thank you all.
A parasomnia event and wit all the sleep paralysis I suggest moving your bed away from electrical items.
Hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucination.

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