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Best paranormal based YouTube show
There are several shows on YouTube concerning the paranormal, many of them are excellent. Personally I think Paranormal shows on YouTube are better than many shows on television (with the exception of paranormal lockdown and most haunted). Does anyone else know of good shows on YouTube.

Some of the best I have watched are as follows:
Resident undead
Living dead paranormal
Chill seekers

There may already be a similar thread to this already, but my phone is running low on battery and it could take a while to find the thread. Also if I posted in the wrong subforum, please move to correct subforum.
Tarantulas: i have 20 soon to be 25. Haunted places i've had the pleasure to visit: randolph county infirmary.

Short disclaimer/reminder:

It is not advised in any way to enter a property without the owners written permission. Those who trespass will likely be arrested for their actions and face prosecution, which may result in fines, community service, or worse jail. No location and potential haunting or urban legend is worth breaking the law no matter what your peers may say. 
I DID like Paranormal Tyler. I thought his spot on imitation of Ghost Adventures was all a spoof and then I realized he was actually being serious. Whether his footage is fake or real is up for debate, as always, but he's good at pulling it off.
The hero is brave in deeds as well as words - Aesop

Please all, and you will please none - Aesop

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