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The Randolph county infirmary Winchester, IN
I went on a guided tour of the Randolph County Infirmary in Winchester, IN as a birthday present to myself in october of 2016 as they have them every weekend. Not much activity occured while i was there for that hour long tour, but i would not post anything if nothing interesting happened. Things were being thrown while in the attic and i caught a figure on camera in the same area.

I am not sure if this is where i post this, but has anyone else been to this hidden, small town, paranormal activity filled gem?
Tarantulas: i have 20 soon to be 25. Haunted places i've had the pleasure to visit: randolph county infirmary.

Short disclaimer/reminder:

It is not advised in any way to enter a property without the owners written permission. Those who trespass will likely be arrested for their actions and face prosecution, which may result in fines, community service, or worse jail. No location and potential haunting or urban legend is worth breaking the law no matter what your peers may say. 

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