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Demon Slayers
Just a curiosity.

I have read about demon slayers/ vampire slayers. Are they real??
Any answer would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Do you mean this service?
No, not people practicing exorcism but more like warriors.
Where did you read about them?
Oh you know, fiction novels. I was wondering if they exist or just made up.
I haven't heard of straight out battling demons, So I don't know but they have a lot more brute strenght then a human, So unless your not like the usual human, I would highly doubt there'd be any actual unless just a few

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I have never researched this, but have never heard the terminology in anything other then fiction. I would say there are people that consider themselves vampires out there, but are just people drinking blood there is nothing supernatural I don't think about it. It is just a name though. Warrior would be more of a fictional word I think but there are priest and other religions that have people that battle demons in their own ways. I wouldn't call it slaying since they don't have a soul to slay though. More like banishing maybe in my opinion.
They are real! But I have no evidience.

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