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Covering up mirrors
Icontexto-emoticons-10-032x032It is an old tradition that when someone dies, all the mirrors in the house must be covered. This is because of the belief that at death the awareness transfers into the astral body and stays near the dead physical body for up to two weeks. During that time if the astral body awareness goes into a mirror, it becomes confused as if in a mirror maze, unable to get out for up to two weeks. The book on astral projection that I am reading is by someone who passed through a wall and found himself in the content of a picture that was on the wall. He returned to the body and then went back into the astral dimension, but this time, just going near the picture put him inside that very real scene. Watch out for pictures or mirrors on the wall that you intend to pass through.
It is true, they are portals, and not only for the dead world, but fot many others too, some sorcerers have used them to pull spirits like djinn and make them work for them.

But the main reason why it's reccomendable to cover the mirrors is to avoid to see ourselves (specially if we are old and ugly), hehehe, (just kidding)
Mirrors have always had a huge place in the paranormal, like the legend that witches can't look at themselves in proper mirrors (it's why they use polished obsidian stone etc... for scrying).
"If you have ghosts, you have everything".


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