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TC Lethbridge and dimensions.
Icontexto-emoticons-10-032x032I read a very interesting book a long time ago called The essential TC Lethbridge, in which this very down to earth writer did experiments with a dowsing pendulum which had a weight on a varying length of string. He found that he could find anything in the physical world with the string being from one inch to forty inches. Sleep and death are the forty limit, but he found by going beyond forty inches, everything but time could get a reaction. Things like danger and yellow for example had the same length of string and may explain why wasps etc are coloured yellow and black. He found that above eighty inches, time got a reading again. What he believed was that there are many dimensions separated by rates of vibration. He also knew a witch who could astral travel and she went to his room at night and she told him that she could not get near his bed because of fiery triangles. His wife had seen a faint glow in the room but Lethbridge had been drawing pentagrams in his mind around the bed as an experiment and according to the witch they appear in the astral dimension as these fiery triangles of protection.

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