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The future already exists.
It is a 100% fact that in some way the future already exists, as from personal experience it has to, for example, when my mother was still full of health, I had a full colour dream one night of going into my parents bedroom and finding her on the floor on the other side of the bed. Around two months later the exact thing happened and she died in hospital from a stroke. There is no doubt that it was the same exact scene that I experienced in the dream. How the future can already exist has at least two attempts at an explanation. One is that in the astral dimension time does not exist and the awareness can view the future like a film editor looking at slides not reached yet in the physical dimension of time, another is that in the astral dimensions there is reported to be one that is like a library of books containing all our lives, past and future, the has been experienced within the seven dimensions reachable through astral projection.
In the astral dimensions, there's one that some called "the world of forms", we can find all the possible futures there, the ones that are going to materialize and the ones that won't. I learned there that the future exists as possibilities and tendences, all what is material started first existing somewhere inmaterial, for example, I wanna build a house, first I need the idea, draw the project, get the land, etc. Then, if everything works, it's just matter of time for the house to be built. An astral traveller might see my house built before it happens, but that doesn't mean that it is unchangeable, many of the "ideas" or "projects" that we can find in the astral world will never be able to materialize here, many are meant maybe to materialize somewhere else, and many other projects aren't efficient enough to keep even existing in the "world of forms" and will be eaten, transformed or reprocessed by other more powerful beings there, or changed by the intention of the dreamer who was able to get there with enough energy.
Time is but a human invention, an illusion that allows society to keep organized with times zones. If there is such thing as time travel, then those in different time zones would not have contact with you by phone, unless you count telephones and our transports as ways to reach dimensions and universes. This illusion is most prominent on New Years Eve, when we watch the the celebrations on the other side of the world at noon and until we have ours in our time zone. We tend to say things like, "Australia is already in tomorrow." Yet, we can call someone in Australia and speak to them in their present time and our present time. We are all spinning around on a rock, and facing a different part of the sky.

There is no going into the future because we are continuously growing, moving, adapting, advancing. We have ideas of what the future may look like, in terms of how we are advancing, but no one can possibly travel further into the future in our dimension. It is possible that there are multi-universes, though. If someone did time travel, they would have to record how long they have been absent from their "present" time, because the time they leave will continue on. They will have to actually travel back to the time they left, which will already be figment of the past of the time they left, as it continued. To catch up to the time they left they would likely be shocked to realize they may have been deemed missing and that person would miss information and experiences of that time frame they left behind in the world.
See, time travel gets messy and the more you think of all the details and parables it seems less and less possible and you realize they we may be aging and humans are advancing their technology, the Earth is aging, too, but it's just there, and we are here, spinning around. Tomorrow never comes, it always stays present. In fact, things feel much slower and more real when you take the thought of time out of your life and just live.
The hero is brave in deeds as well as words - Aesop

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I have also had dreams that later came true....What you should think about is this.....
If you hadnt dreamed it would it have come true ?

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