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The future already exists.
(01-21-2018, 09:29 AM)Supernatural Storyteller Wrote:
(01-18-2018, 12:52 PM)KaelisRa Wrote: First-off, I'm glad that you're better. I'm also more glad that you aren't worrying about it anymore, and can actually go out and live life. Now, here's my question: Have you ever been walking down a street and smell something that reminded you of your childhood? Or listened to a song and immediately your mental/emotional state goes back to where you were when you were with an ex?

Yeah, I've had that happen but isn't that a pretty normal function of memory?

Yeah, that's kind of my point. Maybe something was similar, but not identical. That would put it within the normal function of memory range.
Having a hallucination, the only time in my life I've ever had a hallucination, where that hallucination was almost like a film being overlaid over what I was seeing, and then it turns out that I see something in real life that looked exactly identical. You don't get why that's strange? Maybe you hallucinate a lot but for me, it was such a strange thing that it stuck with me until when I saw what I saw. What I saw was unusual and spectacular from the perspective of a typical laser show as well: because it was new years they had gone all out and jammed as many lasers into a tiny club as you would have at a massive festival light show.
Descartes once said "I think, therefore I am". The reason why he said this is because the senses are unreliable. Depending on your spacio-temporal orientation, your upbringing, societal values at the time, and many other factors, you experience everything in a completely different way than if any of those variables were even slightly different. However, our minds are not capable (alone) of differentiating between the minute differences in circumstances. As a result, they tend to lump like-things together. That's why a lot of guys will see many different shades of red and call them all "red".

If you experienced a hallucination and there then occurred a time disparity of 10 years, it doesn't logically follow that you will experience the exact identical hallucination that you experienced before. Already, you will be seeing a similar event, through a different lens of hundreds of varying factors. Logically speaking, it is much more likely that you associated the two together, and your mind sat down and categorized them into a like-category.

It isn't strange. Sometimes people hallucinate once in their lives. They can be caused by any number of natural things: Drugs, fever, psychotic episodes, exhaustion. Sure, I can't write off the paranormal, because it could be the case that there are things that could have occurred in that realm of things. For instance, it could have been an odd premonition. It could have also been a demon's manipulation. It could have been a telepathic communication of warning.

The idea that the future "already exists" needs to be proven deductively. Experience is too unreliable, to deal with a claim of that magnitude.
Yes, westonreg I agree with you that the future already exists, like you could see what is going to happen in the future this means you have some natural and unique ability that is helping you to look into the future. Not everybody can see what is going to happen in future. My friend a few years back was facing financial problems, the sector he was investing was proving not to be successful or can say not lucky for my friend, then someone told him to consult a psychic, he consulted her and the advice she gave to my friend proved successful for him.
If you use a psychic, believe that the psychic will work, follow the psychic's instructions with faith that you will begin to invest successfully, wouldn't that be considered insider trading? That's an offense that can find you prison-time.
It's only illegal if you get caught.
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