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Sick Building Syndrome - It's a thing
I came across this while looking up information for my daughter asked about regarding what can cause light-headedness, as we're watching GA. (Her mama's not raisin' no fool.)
I've known that buildings or whatever chemicals junk are in them, can cause reactions. I didn't know it's considered an actual syndrome. This is mainly geared towards normal, office environments, but it can be relevant to anyone working in a building (old and newer).

The symptoms are pretty much dead-on to what the usual complaints people have when on ghost investigations.
"•headaches and dizziness
•nausea (feeling sick)
•aches and pains
•fatigue (extreme tiredness)
•poor concentration
•shortness of breath or chest tightness
•eye and throat irritation
•irritated, blocked or runny nose
•skin irritation (skin rashes, dry itchy skin)"

And these are the common factors that contribute. (My own work should take notes.)

"•poor ventilation
•low humidity
•high temperature or changes in temperature throughout the day
•airborne particles, such as dust, carpet fibres or fungal spores
•airborne chemical pollutants, such as those from cleaning materials or furniture, or ozone produced by photocopiers and printers
•physical factors, such as electrostatic charges
•poor standards of cleanliness in the working environment
•inadequate ventilation when using chemical cleaning products
•poor lighting that causes glare or flicker on visual display units
•improper use of display screen equipment
•psychological factors, such as stress or low staff morale"
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