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Possible threat to my safety?
(02-24-2017, 10:06 PM)nawal Wrote: The sense of "evil" doesn't mean it, like I told you, those things and specially the sleep paralysis state work like amplifiers and like mirrors, sensibility is too much stronger there. Evil is just a concept, If the thing seems to irradiate that, it's the reflexion of your own concept of "wickedness" , if you felt some other emotion instead, for example "sorrow" then you'd be sorry of him, if you felt just nothing, then it would become just nothing but just a shadow. That's how things work into that state called "sleep paralysis". I use it a lot and wait anxious for the next sleep paralysis, it's a very useful and interesting state of mind, you can jump to an astral travel from there, all you have to do is relax, breathe, count to 10 and slowly slide sidewards and fall from the left side of your bed, then get out of there and enjoy!, if you manage to get out and pass besides this shadow with determination, or even trespass him, then you'll see how it vanishes, also, you can just leave him a letter, burn a candle for him, offer him help and friendship but let him know that you'll be his enemy if he keeps that attitude, and that's not convenient for any. If he keeps his attitude, then use your eyes, at the moment you see him, order him to leave and visualize how it runs away from the focus of your eyes. (That's what I use to do often when people call me to clean some space with one of those, first I summon him, candles, offerings and all that to show good will, go to sleep there, right in the spot where the activity is, when I wake up into the sleep paralysis, first I scare myself on purpose to attract him, and when it appears get calm, breathe and use the focus of my eyes to send the orders I have for him.. He has to obey, that's a law in the spiritual hierarchy, those who belong to lower dimensions must obey to those who belong to the upper ones..
And if it's just a projection, then it works the same way. But in the case that it is him who belongs to an upper dimension, then it's better to be friends with him, he might end up teaching you some techniques if you stop fearing (I see that as a possibility because masters always spoke me about "red eyes shadow creatures" as dead sorcerers who got fused with other kind of entity, an hybrid, half human ghost half djinn or something, in the rare case it's one of those, then you are lucky, I haven't had the opportunity of meeting one yet, hopefully one day I can... Cheers!
I appreciate all the advice I have gotten, and ill take it all into consideration. I hope that in time this won't really be a problem anymore, and if I reach that point, ill owe some thanks to you. So cheers! Now it may be a little off topic from shadow people, but you seem to be very knowledgeable, so ill ask you about another phenomenon that I haven't really looked into much yet. You see, there's this thing that I've been able to do since I was young where I can create this sort of energy in my body at will. It's very intense, and I can turn it on and off, and move it around to different parts of body. It does not last very long because it's so intense that it can be very straining to keep up. I would closely relate it with a sort of electricity in my body, I never really looked into it because I didn't think much of it, however, I feel as if that's not as normal as I think. So if you have any idea what it could be, I would love to know.Icontexto-emoticons-01-032x032
I have done some energy works, learned some movements, some reiki and that, but I don't really master those disciplines yet. If you want to learn about your energy and what you can do with it, I recommend you to take some qi gong or tai chi classes. Learning to use your energy would help you a lot to deal with depression and with the shadow thing, so, maybe it isn't that out of topic after all..

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