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Scary child dream
Iv just posted about an amazing experience I had in 2008 but this dream haunted me from time to time between 8 and probably 15yo.
I'm stood in a church and it's pitch black. I only no its a church because there is a thunder storm outside and the lightning strikes are close enough to iluminate the inside of the curch for me to no its a church. I'm stood there and keep hearing a voice. I can't remember what it says. I could never remember even on waking from the dream. It talks very slowly and it's scary. Eiry voice that petrefies me I'm looking in all directions were is it coming from. I walk back to the church doors and open them to go outside and close them I'm stood on grass. I look out and to floor and the floor is lit with electric currents. Bright blue/white electric curents everywhere( kind of like them glass balls with the metal ball inside with electric reaching out to the glass we had as kids?) Anyways I look back to the church and now its not a church but a light house? U no what u get by the sea a regular looking lighthouse. As the dream reaccured I new what was happening at which point I had touch with reality and new it was a dream. I run out away from the lighthouse only to run out or electric grass at the edge of a Cliffe with a fall off into the the stormy sea. I never once jumped or was pushed. I here the voice again from the church getting closer to me and at this point I wake up heart racing petrified iv just had the same dream again.

Anything similar people? By the way I'm 31 now and not had this dream in 15 years but I can still here the tone of the voice in the church now if I think of it. Weird

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