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New here. Amazing experience I need to share. She came to me when she died
July 4th 2008
I was working as a doorman on a nightclub finishing work at 4 am. .... going strate to the hospital 4-8am to sit with with my grandma who was dying of cancer. We were very close especially in her later months of life. One night it's midnight and my mother calls... "Alex nans has died" so I rushed to the hospital. The whole family there. I stay a while. Take myself home shellshocked. Tearfull I could not believe it. Aa you would expect we have all lost someone. Then it happens.......

So I'm laid in bed "iv got goosebumps talking this through"
I'm laid in bed very sad and very awake. As if from no were I feel what I can only describe as a warmth. Travelling from the tips of my toes up my body slowly a companied by a warm orange light. My whole body feels warm and safe. I here my nanna although I don't see her I'm talking to her about her death. She assures me she is fine. She sounds happy joyfull even. I'm thinking this is sureel is this happening. She tells me she must go soon and by this point iv came to terms with the fact she is not dead as in dead and nothing more and I say to her "it's ok nanna u can go now" her voice drifts. The warm feeling and orange light drifts back down my body and she is gone. I'm laid there in shock smiling. No more tears. No more sadness although I was kicking myself for telling her to go now. I don't no why I done that. I would gI've anything now for that connection to of lasted a moment longer but I ended it I do not no why. But I'm laid there with a smile on my face. 4 hours after she died I no she's ok and from that moment on I dI'd not shed a tear. I remember her happily . I was not sad at even her funeral my body would not alow. Because I no she is ok werever she may be. I told my mum about this a few weeks later. I was concerned how she may take it. She smiled and cried and told me my nanna came to me that night to check I was ok. Told me my nanna was forever talking of me to the the nurses on her ward and she looked forward so much to my early hours visits. She said if nanna would of visited anyone it would of been me. My mum took comfort from my experience. I'm standing strong that it was not just a snap dream.

What does anyone make of this? Anything similar. It's my amazing experience I don't expect ppl to feel the same I just thought I would share it. I don't no why I decided now to be the time i just thought to it as I'm laid in my bed. By the way I hold no firm beliefs or religion. I feel most connected to energy and reincarnation. Iv recently been studying dmt and I probably feel for me this is the most plausible. But I am by no way set on this and have no prejudice to any beliefs or religion
A lot of loved ones when they pass will come to say good bye to their loved ones. It seems to me to server two purposes. One for the dead person to say good bye to those they loved in life, and to tell those loved ones that all is well and that they are not in any more pain or have any worries.

As for myself when my own father passed, I was not able to get home in time when he passed. I arrived about 4-5 hours after he passed. Now I can remember sitting in my kitchen with mom cooking me something and telling me what happened. I can remember looking out of the kitchen door and down the hallway and into the living room and seeing the couch and there at the end of the other side of the couch where my dad always sat to watch TV...there he was sitting there. I was looking at his profile and he turned his head back towards me to look down the hallway at me and smiled. He then stood up and stepped into the living room and out of site. I got up and walked down to the Living room but he was not there. I did feel as if he was saying good bye to me though. I remember then going upstairs to my own bedroom and sitting on my bed and just started balling like a baby for maybe five minutes and then felt a warmth come over me. I am not sure where that warmth came from but the room seemed to be filled with sunlight that was blue/gold in color and it seemed quite warming in that room at that point. That was a rare time in my childhood home that was always cold in the winter(thus not normal at all).

Now I will also say this for the next 20+ years I would always wake up at 5:17 am like clockwork. That was the time my father passed away, and still till this day I wake up at that time sometimes. Do I think my dad is still coming to me each morning, I don't think so. Now I have seen and heard him over the years and will see smoke and smell his flavor of smoke in my house where no one has ever smoked here in twelve years that I have owned the home, and I have totally rebuilt my 1839 Victorian home.
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