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angels and demons
dear people,

I wish to bring to your attention some of my life experiences OF ANGELS AND DEMONS.

When i was young a dark horse made out of fire and magma followed me in dreams. it was a nightmare. after a few years a demon was chasing me in my sleep. a girl there told me run as fast as you can and never look back. the demon cough the girl. in time after 10 years i meet a girl that at some point told me she is that girl. she was in espionage and had mental problems from my point of view as she was a sociopath and they go to the very limit even kill a person. she was with occult things.i took the nickname of Halo from her due to my connection with god but that story i will write later.
after a while i meet satan in meditation he took a human form and he ask me for my sword that was given by god when i was little but i will explain later. i must admit i had 5 angels behind me. 2 on my right 2 on my left and one behind me . at that point i gave him my sword and he started a demon slaughter against demons who wanted to revolt against him.
then he gave my sword back and a brand new one. it was a shiny glowing red with dark .
i took both swords. the angels wanted to go against my wish and attk satan but i stoped them and told them everything is ok. they accepted my wish and as told i gave him the sword.
as i finished my meditation i got the 2 swords.

after a while in my sleep came 2 demons one told me that satan has plans with me. the other showed me a world war.

as for angels.
when i was little i prayed to god at the religion class i was not more then 8 years old. a strange powerful and calm energy took me by surprise and give me a strange calmness connecting my senses to a hole new level.

at age 9 or 10 i prayed to god and went to sleep convinced he will answer. and guess what ? it did happen. a powerful light came to me and told me:
"tell me how will you make the difference between an angel and a demon especially when they look identically the same? ". afterwords he gave me a sword in my hands. i did not knew what to do with it. but in my front face 2 angels approached each other and stood face to face in front of me.
i tried to give it to the person ( angel ) on the left. he refused it. when i gave to the person in my right he took the sword and attack my angel. then his true color appeared. a demon with red and dark. with a hole new body.
afterwords around 18 and a half i started learning g kuji-in reiki qigong and thai chi from a military person. he was a navy seal. he gave me military training in this arts. i learn to control my powers and had the ability to heal people including myself. i also had the ability to connect to the nature to taste it. it was way better then any fresh orange or apple juice. i cant describe the taste as i lack the words even in my own like describing to a blind person a very hard painting. i also could feel animals and people sensation and even the body.
i could travel to other worlds like hell when i trained with demon in fight. my aim was to destroy them and kill as many as i can or trap them in special technique called "sigils" . ok after some time i was very destroyed mentally due to poison and in my sleep 5 white horses appeared. pure white after they transformed in angels and they told me that everything will be all right and i will pass the license test at my university. after a few month i connected to the life force that connects to us all and managed to bring all 5 archangels to my eyes. i could see them in real. the numb my body and i was paralyzed because i could not move a inch of my body. their presence so powerful . so i could see them. basically i forced their hands i did not ask for approve i brought them against their wish. the moment lasted for a minute and a half. i could only breath and think . last year i think if i will recover from a problem and a angel appeared in front of my eye illuminating my mind and calming me. i took it as a sing and i knew i will recover. the truth is that it did happen. so my problems stoped in real life.
i could at some point sense other entities like angels when i was walking outside guiding me.

other war i got with a dragon demon and other demon entities. i also fight a legion of demons at once and i manage to brake it even, no one won. it was so hard.

all the best. looking foreword to hear some replies.

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