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ISS Live Feed/NASA
Have any of you seen the live footage from the ISS, and have you seen anything unusual.

My mates and I have seen a couple of odd things from this live feed and we were stumped as to what they were.

The first object we saw looked like a very large planet in the very far off distance, with three to four smaller objects around the main object. This was seen on numerous occasions and it gave the impression that it was hanging above the earth. We ruled out all rational explanations and we are still at a loss to what it was. We do not believe it was any planets in our own backyard.

The second object we witnessed was trailing the ISS. It looked like a plane in space, you could see wings, a tail and windows at the front of the object. At first we thought it may be space junk, but the more we looked at it, the more we agreed that it was not space junk.

Moving on to NASA now, and the rumour is that they are covering up possible UFOs witnessed by the various craft they have sent up into space.

The space shuttle missions captured objects moving around, while the ISS has also captured objects either near to or not far from it.

There are countless videos on youtube to support the possible evidence.

The ISS live feed has been cut off many a time when unknown objects have been seen, which is a pain. The ISS cameras are now pointing towards earth, rather than into space.

I watched a video last week where an astronaut on a space walk repair job was clearly trying to hide an unknown with his hand, you could still this object in the distance moving at an impressive speed, the camera was then moved away to show that nothing was there.

If NASA are trying to cover up possible UFOs, that is not cricket and they should come clean regarding the things that have been captured or witnessed on camera.

The humorous remark now stated about NASA is - ''Never A Straight Answer''.

Any feed back or thoughts from one and all would be appreciated.
I suggest not believing without research. Search iss ufo faked or iss ufo hoaxed.
What about them using something like this?
Fabricate what you see, outside of the main point of interest, so as to hide anything? If the technology exists, it could be used, am I right?

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