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Astrology doesn´t see the real sky
Hi. This time I come to take down another illusion, like Santa Claus... This is astrology..
The thing is: The western method comes from the sumerians, basically it says that the position of the stars has influence in our personalities and fate.. But the problem is that the sumerians lived more than 3000 years ago, the sky doesn´t look like that anymore and the charts haven´t been actualized at all.

For example, I was born in June 8, 1979, that means that I am suppose to be Gemini, moon in Scorpio, Aries ascendant, but if you get into a computer stars simulator and go to that day, the sun was in taurus, the moon was in Libra and all the planets were somewhere else. If astrologist want to continue with their flop, at least they should look at the sky sometimes.

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