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Out of Body Experience? Astral Travel?
that kinda makes sense.
(01-27-2017, 07:37 AM)UglyNRude Wrote: Scientists have shown people who claim to do this never leave the body.

So is it real or not?

It is real in the sense that she's actually experiencing it. The brain scans show that she's going through what she's claiming. But that doesn't mean that her "soul" is getting out of her body. This is not an astral trip, like those described by mystics. There's no paranormal activity of any kind.

The fact is that, even while there aren't a lot of solid experiments on this subject except this research paper and a few others, scientists believe that these out-of-body experiences are a type of hallucination triggered by some neurological mechanism.

The researchers found that the hippocampus, a region where GPS cells have been found, is involved in figuring out where one's body is. They also found that a brain region called the posterior cingulate cortex is what binds together the feeling of where the self is located with the feeling of owning a body.

The findings could one day lead to a better understanding of what happens in the brains of people with a condition called focal epilepsy, who have seizures that affect only one half of the brain, as well as people with schizophrenia. Out-of-body experiences are more commonly reported by these groups.

Icontexto-emoticons-10-032x032Very interesting idea but I had an experience that makes the science explanation in doubt as due to exhaustion from working, and in bright daylight , I went through the tunnel effect but fought to not go unconscious and when viewing the room again from the position of my body position there was a figure of about seven feet with a white robe and goats head with big round black eyes and horns that want straight back, standing staring at me. The point is that I told a member of wicca and he said that figure is normal in the north of england but down south its the Pan figure. If it was an hallucination why was so many people seeing the same figure.

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