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why do people wish to go to really haunted locations?
I think your memory may be messing with you here. The Whaley House is a museum. They don't sell their artifacts. So something is missing there. They do have staff making replica items as part of the tour and a nice little gift shop in the house next door. The area is packed with merchants trying to make $. Bleach is not the choice to clean antique or soiled linens, its peroxide. The combination of bleach and ammonia is what will make someone violently ill and more likely what happened there.
The El Campo Santo Adobe just up the street from there is what's haunted. It sits next to a cemetery that will make your hair stand on end. I do believe its possible to buy a haunted item and/or be followed home. Icontexto-emoticons-06-032x032
Every time I have gone to visit 1 of them, seems the question does come to mind, once and a while, and "STUPID" feels it has been written on my forehead.
Ammo is expensive. Don't expect a warning shot.Scream_72


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