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Dreaming of passed Grandmother(demon in disguise)
I have had dreams for years about my grandmother. She passed about 12 yrs ago. They are always good dreams. Dreams that make me feel safe, dreams(visits) that make me believe in an afterlife.
About 2 years ago I had a dream in which she called me on the phone. She told me she was at the farm(where she lived while alive) I was so ecstatic to speak to her. I have had 3 children since her passing and I know she would of loved everyone of them. In my dream I asked her If she knew about my kids.She said yes, she thought they were beautiful and then she said I think I scared (my childs name) the other night. I insistently awoke. I couldn't believe what I had just experienced. it felt so real. AND it made me realized that a couple of nights prior my child had awoken me in the middle of the night to tell me they were scared, because there was a lady in their room. My child was only 5 and when i dug out an old photo of my grandmother to show them they just said they couldn't remember. I like to think that it was my grandmother and that she was visiting my children.
Now just 1 night ago I was having a dream I was at my grandmothers farm. everything looked as it should. There was a big moving truck in front of the house. In my dream I knew she was passed. So there were other family members there(still living) moving out her things. They told me take what ever you want the rest is going to donation. I walk into the house. See my grandmother standing in the kitchen looking at photos on the fridge. I look at the photos and see one of me and my siblings and her. I take it off the fridge and say please let me take this back with me. as I was very aware I was dreaming and somehow thought i was going to be able to pull this photograph back into reality with me. She says nothing to me and just gestures for me to walk with her. The whole time she says nothing and I start to feel scared. I follow her to the back laundry room, there is a door in there that leads to the back yard. she goes up to the door and stands for a min and stares at me with this blank stare. Then she opens it. I panic!!! As soon as she opens it i see that its not leading to the backyard, but to a big black mass of nothing! She motioning for me to enter, and a smoke like dog figure(s) is coming out of the door!!! I'm trying to wake up clutching this photograph in my hand yelling no no no!!! I feel in circled by the smoke and wake up yelling and fighting with my covers. My husband wakes up asking what the hell is going on! I cant even think straight at this point. I said my prayers , turned on my lights and fell back asleep clutching my cross necklace.
Can anyone please help me and explain why this could be happening? Was she always a demon in disguise? I never felt fear with seeing her in my dreams before? I have had several sleep paralysis episodes. I have never seen anything when I've had them, but I've felt things get into my bed and grab me. I thought I was being robbed or my children were crawling into bed. But always snap out of it and see no trace of anyone. My husband leaves extremely early in the morning.
No one else seems to be affected. I feel like I'm fine. But this dream was extremely upsetting for me! I loved my grandmother more then anything. to know that it was never her scares the crap out of me! have I unintentionally invited something in?

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