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Demon description
I would like to ask if anyone knows/heard of a demon that has goat's skull for head, hooves and bird-like hands, asymmetric body (hands as long as its feet), skeleton-thin and its huge. It also has pitch black skin and mucus running from it. And it's somehow linked to crossroad that has a river near it... sorry for the complicated information but I'd appreciate your knowledge and information.
Hello there, and welcome to the forum.

To answer your question, no, I don't know what it is. Most of the time in paranormal, we tend to call a same thing differently because of the cultural background differencies.

But from your description, it sounds like one negative entity. Some of spiritual entities call watery areas home, and if they're negative in nature, be careful when you encountered one. Negative spiritual entity that lives in the water is usually stronger and meaner than those who live above the ground.

Hope this helps

And do forgive my English
Nice meeting you! Thanks for your response and useful information, but any name with that description could give me a lead, I'm on some kind of research for this and we have to encounter it at some point, I'm not alone. And if anyone else knows any name that fits this description I would be so so so grateful!
You can check the Goetia for it, but there are supposedly legions that are not listed.

Most people who work with Goetia believe that the "demons" are just aspects of the psyche, and if you get your inner demons under control, your life will go better.
Thank you very very much!!!
(01-07-2017, 10:14 AM)Scion94 Wrote: Thank you very very much!!!

No problem. You can find the Goetia online. Look for the version with commentary by Crowley, and you will find the information about aspects of the psyche.
Sweetheart I don't what has brought this to you but Its not good from Satan to Baphomet its Evil. The loss souls that are here are still in their beliefs and all evil will use what they know will frighten you their is nothing good about a Goat, Ram or Dog whatever it represents evil and that is what its is. You have to stay positive don't be afraid just go on with life. Being positive is the key and not being afraid. Call on the Angels to help and they will. Good Luck to you!
I'm taking my ball and going home.
I think it look like a hells demon. Try to find the net book by Faust, Magia innturalis or Magia naturalis et innaturalis and pictures from this book. There are similar pictures of a demons. Or try in google a name of a demon, like Azazel, Bael or many others. There are many pictures.
Thanks for your interest guys! Don't worry it's not about me, my best friend had a vision about our friend and this thing was in it. I used to have a lot of staff in my house since I was 10 till late 18 or something. If you feel like a can give you some tips or advice feel free to pm me or email me
i see. well i had encounter a dragon demon that had a goat scull as a trophy on its face. maybe this could lead you to it. it took afterwords another form and it became gigantic person with a axe in his hands. the battle lasted for 2 hours while i was in deep tranche and meditation. everything cracked in my room. don't forget demons can take any form and they come in mysterious ways just to confuse us.

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