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Demon description
I would recommend finding a list of demons if there is the same one, But it by the description sound a lot like a baphomet which are demons known for sometimes having a pretty high rank in their job, Sense they have a ton of stuff apparently made about them and some are known for wing like hands, They also have even some "cards" apparently after them and they do have a pentagram after them with their head on it.. Which you might know sense, It is a very known demon, Even if you do not know paranormal stuff yet well

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(01-04-2017, 02:51 PM)Scion94 Wrote: Hi!
I would like to ask if anyone knows/heard of a demon that has goat's skull for head, hooves and bird-like hands, asymmetric body (hands as long as its feet), skeleton-thin and its huge. It also has pitch black skin and mucus running from it. And it's somehow linked to crossroad that has a river near it... sorry for the complicated information but I'd appreciate your knowledge and information.
Demon Souls is a mixture of various (human and animal), and each is unique.
It can not reincarnate in the human body, because the functional does not correspond therefore remain until degassed.
An experience I had a few years ago, which I tend to most likely attribute to being a demonic entity (I can't be sure, because in Paranormal research there are no absolutes)... what I saw was pitch black DENSE in colour, it did have very strong features, half human half goat-like.
It did walk on all 4's and it had claws.
I couldn't make much else out. Even looking straight at it was like looking at it from my peripheral vision which was weird to me.

Some of what I saw is kind of what you described, but not all.

I think perhaps there are multiple forms that demons show in?
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