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So this is weird now that I look back at it
As a kid I loved the board. We played it at slumber parties every time, played it at school, made our own out of paper, basically it was just another board game. I guess I saw it more like a magic 8 ball type of thing, a game where we asked who had a crush on us or if we'd b famous 1 day. I remember at PE on rainy days we even had one in the board game room for us. lol it's so weird now when I look back n think about it. I never personally had a horrible or scary or even close to scary experience with it. Now as an adult I'm like Holy crap! That's crazy! Lol and I'd never play with one or make one, ever. Even more weird was when I had my 1st place on my own I used a very old one that was found as a tray, an eating tray. I thought it loooked so cool all old and flat and well it was perfect to set snax on and eat off of at the sofa while I watched my shows. It eventually got too many stains and I tossed it like nothing. Lol This is all so weird now for me to look back at but thought I'd share it with u guys. A sort of different side of seeing it lol

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