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First Post! Precognitive dreams?
First off let me say this is my first post on any forum like this, so I apologize if this gets long winded! I've had two dreams in the past 12 years that at the time had to do with my future unborn children, who now have both been born. The first dream involved me going to California to watch my oldest son play baseball. In that dream I knew my oldest was a freshman in college, and my younger son a Jr in high school. I first had this dream when I was 19 years old, again when I was around 25, and the last time two years ago when my first born was about 6 months old. I remember this dream bc it was so vivid, and felt so real. I can recount all the details of this dream (I won't or else I'll be writing a novel on here!) and I even recall having complete control of my thoughts and actions.

Fast forward a few months and my wife and I find out that we were expecting our second baby due in January of 2016. Our first child was born in June of 2014, so that puts the two about 18 months apart in age. We decided that we would find out the sex of our second child early, and scheduled that appointment for some day in September. Here comes my second dream...

About three weeks before our appointment I had another very vivid dream. I was in a crowded room with people everywhere when I heard a familiar little voice say "Daddy". I look to my left and there is my son, Brycen. To my amazement, he looked to be around 4 or 5 years old. As I sat there staring at an older version of my son, I hear the same voice again and I realize Brycen's mouth never moved. I look to my right, and there is another little boy who looks similar to Brycen but had some glaring differences. I immediately woke up, woke my wife, and gave her a description of this little boy. I wanted her to hear it right at that moment just in case those details came true, and boy did they ever!

I saw a little boy who looked to be about three years old, who had blonde hair and beautiful crystal blue eyes. He had my nose ( so does his brother), and he was a little fairer in complexion than his brother. We later found out that our second child was a boy, and Keaton was born last January. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, my nose, and a lighter complexion. He is exactly the little boy I saw in my dream.

So are these two dreams related, precognitive, or just coincidences? It's crazy to me that some of the small details from my first dream aligned with those of my second dream, and both are now validated by the birth of my sons.

Thanks for reading!
I'm no expert on dreams but I do believe that type of thing can be more than a coincidence.
If you dream the winning lottery numbers, you have my permission to inbox them to me.
(12-29-2016, 12:46 PM)ChaosRose Wrote: If you dream the winning lottery numbers, you have my permission to inbox them to me.

LOL! I'll think about it..Icontexto-emoticons-04-032x032

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