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A little disappointed
So heres a bit of background info:

To make a long story short, I researched for several months before buying an Ouija Board. Like I'm sure most people have. The do's and don'ts etc. Watched a few youtube videos.. anywho I finally decided to order one.

My experience:
Me and my mother have played I'd say 6 or 7 times. And every-time we play we get someone named amamama or nynynyny. We have asked to speak to any other spirits due to the fact that we think amamama is mama. Except amamama is the answer to everything.

The only answer this spirit will give us is its age, 17 and that it died in 2010. If we ask where the spirit was born it will answer amamama if we ask how did they die the answer is always amamama. So my question is why is the answer always the same. We've never had it say anything else and always follow the rules.

FYI this spirit has NEVER become demonic on the board like the 8's or counting down or going to the four corners. So maybe its not mama; we don't know. So we pretty much gave up on playing due to the fact that the sessions becomes extremely boring when everything to your questions is amamama.

Does anyone have any ideas? How do we get new spirits if its possible and is there something wrong with our board?

Thanks in advance.
Switch partners as what you see is what the mind is creating. Ouija is nothing but ideomotor effect

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