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More random wireless signals to watch for
Bored I started watching my wifi analyzer. First you see all the local networks, then you start seeing quick hits from auto's driving by. Approximately 25% of new cars have the capability. So seeing daddys chevy, or moms audi came as a surprise.

Then I started noting other random spikes from my newly installed smart electric meter. So what other smart meters can we find? Water meters, gas meters, all create spikes as they connect. So once again your K2 is not a communication device to the other side.

You can download a wifi analyzer app for your tablet or cell phone at no cost.
Wi Fi work on a number of different frequencies shared by a number of other users, such as those drone things. If you want some fun buy a monitor off something like ebay that is designed to be used as a remote screen for a reversing camera or baby monitor. They only cost a few £'s or $'s. Then have a walk or drive around the average residential area & see what you can see.

We all believe in something greater than ourselves. Even if it's just the blind forces of chance. Ambassador G'Kar.

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