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Life just got harder.
The so called internet of things, has made life harder.

Those light bulbs are flashing SOS. Dot dot dot. Dash dash dash. Dot dot dot. And they did not even need to get close to do it or need to infect each bulb themselves.
They used the drone & a radio link to infect one bulb, which then infected the others.

Quote: The New York Times outlines a threat detailed in a new report pleasantly titled "IoT Goes Nuclear." In it, researchers detail a scenario whereby connected devices are infected by a worm that sets off a chain reaction, theoretically creating a doomsday-like scenario for smart cities containing millions of densely interconnected devices. The team demonstrated the threat by infecting a Hue lamp with a virus that then spread by jumping from one lamp to its neighbors, whether the lights were on the same private network or not. Worse yet, the researchers didn’t need physical access to the lights — they were infected wirelessly by a drone or car while still a few hundred feet away. In the video above you can see the lights being hacked to signal SOS repeatedly in Morse Code. As the drone draws closer you can see more lights starting to blink as the worm spreads across devices.

Quote:Exploiting a vulnerability in the ZigBee wireless communications protocol, a widely used home automation protocol found at the core of millions of today’s most popular smart home devices — Philips Hue lighting is just one example. The infected payload was delivered by exploiting a weakness in Philips’ encryption to force an over-the-air firmware update using an "autonomous attack kit" built from "readily available equipment" costing just a few hundred dollars. In other words, anyone with the knowledge and motivation could execute a similar attack.

If the above can be achieved by a hacker at a distance. Imagine what can be achieved by a deliberate hoaxer, or someone with a sense of humour!!
We all believe in something greater than ourselves. Even if it's just the blind forces of chance. Ambassador G'Kar.

Bring on the post-apocalyptic nightmare scenario.

I like to think I'd survive well. I'd probably be one of the first to die.
But if you think about it from a investigation background, then things can become interesting. These guys are talking mainly about light bulbs, but the potential goes well beyond that.
Even ignoring the hacking & faking scenarios. These light bulbs work on 2.4GHz & many many other electrical items also either do, or have the potential to to & that has implications for EMF meters & EVP.
The article above concentrated on a single Phillips bulb, but the BBC carried a story about another brand of bulbs & a similar issue back in July.

Quote:Security researchers have discovered nine vulnerabilities in a range of internet-connected light bulbs made by Osram.
The flaws in the Lightify products could give attackers access to a home wi-fi network, and potentially operate the lights without permission.

Professor Angela Sasse, a cybersecurity expert at University College London..

Quote:"What we've seen with many companies that are hardware specialists, is that their quality control may not be on top of the software side of things," she told the BBC.
"They may be able to test that the software does what it's supposed to do - but they don't always test the things it is not supposed to do.
"I think it highlights something that consumers should be concerned about.
"For devices embedded in the home, there should be basic security checks."

Edited to add, unless researchers are aware of how things work & how they can be manipulated & made to work. How seriously can we take thier alledged research?
We all believe in something greater than ourselves. Even if it's just the blind forces of chance. Ambassador G'Kar.

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