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My haunted house
Hi all-I live in New Orleans, LA, and believe my house may be haunted. The house is in the Uptown area of New Orleans, and was built in 1882 by a former Confederate General named Albert Blanchard as his retirement home. He died in the house in 1891, and is buried in the St Louis #1 cemetery here in town.

We bought the house in 2010 and were informed that it was haunted. An apparition of General Blanchard had been seen on the staircase in the middle of the house, which is very prominent. We have never seen this, and had noticed nothing other than the occasional creaks which are present in most old houses. A few months ago, we began a major renovation project, including new roof, new kitchen, bathroom and two other redone rooms that had experienced water damage. (from the bad roof)

This process took 2-3 months, and just finished a few weeks ago. Not long after the renovation started, we started hearing new, more complex noises. Our (my wife and I) bedroom is upstairs, and we have both heard odd sounds from downstairs at night when it is otherwise quiet. Sometimes it sounds like pots and pans are moving around, but we've never seen anything when we've gone to look. A few weeks ago, we both heard what sounded like footsteps coming up the stairs. They were clearly audible, firm, and almost rhythmic. I got up from bed and turned the light on, but saw nothing. Most recently, I've seen what can only be described as "moving shadows"-dark areas that quickly and silently move across doorways or other areas out of the corner of my eye. They look like dark masses about 3-4 feet high by 1-2 feet across.

I'm not sure what to make of it. My wife flatly refuses to discuss it. I contacted a local paranormal investigators group, and filled out a questionnaire they sent me. I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'm not sure what else (if anything) there is to do, but I thought I'd share our experience here. Thanks.
You were told your home was haunted so you let that seed grow into believing natural things were paranormal.
Go to inspectipedia house noises for help in tracking down sounds.
Then Google ASSAP corner eye phenomenon for that explanation.

Now if you want to be told your home is haunted then by all means bring in a paranormal team, most will tell you it is as they just haven't a clue what they are doing.

Now if you really want a spooky experience bring in a psychic and first tell her about the general, she will then pick up on the seed you just planted and it will grow as they con ...... I mean impress you.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
If you are, or have done extensive structural work. That is, if if there is a lot more than just decorating happening, then it will have changed the stresses & strains on the structure of your building & that will have naturally have changed the sounds your home makes.
So it is not surprising that some people do report increased alledged paranormal activity during & or following building work.
I have worked in a childrens home that was allegedly haunted & would sometimes lay at night listening to what sounded like someone walking around the building & I always found it a plesant experience.
We also had people seen out of the corner of an eye, in certain doorways only.
I always spoke to the people & the footsteps. Said goodnight to them, wished them peace.
Unless something feels wrong, then just leave yourself with things as they are. I happily share my garden with wildlife & I have no problem sharing my home with spiders. But I don't want rats or mice.
Some people have an obsession with evil & demons. But for the rest of us, it's rare. VERY rare to come across them, as we don't want to see them & do not constantly think about them as the root of everything.
So I would say, enjoy your home, be positive, enjoy the story & be truly open minded, not gullible.
General Albert Blanchard may be there, but as UNR said everything is explainable. So if you accept both sides, you have the best of both worlds.
We all believe in something greater than ourselves. Even if it's just the blind forces of chance. Ambassador G'Kar.
I'm not sure what else (if anything) there is to do

Do you want the phenomena to stop? If so, then you have to quit haunting yourself.

Dr MBogo,
Hi, hope all is well. Janus is right. As a licensed general contractor I can tell you first hand that there will be noises before, during and after the renovations to your home especially because of it's age. Even new homes have noises. As much as we try to make our homes airtight, watertight and soundproof the world finds a way to get in and sometimes it's not worth the trouble of ripping out the last thing you installed and doing it over again because the noise might not go away. As a "sensitive"; I don't use the term psychic, Janus is right again. If there really is someone there and he/she is not bothering you, what's the harm in letting them stay? Stay positive and focus on having a fun and positive life and don't go looking for things that might not be there.
Everything has an explanation. Some explanations aren't meant to be known and sometimes it's best not to know.
Dr MBogo,

The activity that you are referring to is more than likely caused by the renovations. A spirit does not like change, they want their homes to stay exactly as they had left them. Once the renovations are finished, the activity should calm down. If they do not, you and your wife need to make a stand together and let the spirit know that it is unwelcomed in YOUR home and that it needs to leave. Most of the time that works. If the confrontation does not work there could be two reasons for it. One, the activity is caused by a residual haunting, meaning that the spirit is kind of looping through the motions. It doesn't even know you exist, it is just repeating itself over and over again. The second reason, is basically just the fact that the confrontation wasn't successful. This could be because you guys were not stern enough, or that the spirit is just too strong. In either case you should have a priest come by and bless the house if you would like to get rid of the spirit. As many of the other members stated, if it isn't causing harm to anyone, I don't see any reason to not just leave it be.
Dr MBogo

So what is the response from the local paranormal investigators group? Hope it is resolved already.

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