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Psychic circle board

Okay, so last night I tried with 2 of my friends and new spirit board called the "Psychic Circle Board". I thought it would be no different than using the Ouija board-- but I was wrong. I did the ritual of opening the board and talked to a "9 year old child named kyle" who said they felt a connection with my friend Vicki. After a bit the candle flames went crazy and so I asked If it was lying to us. It said yes and told us it was never born- therefore being a demon. Being a wiccan myself I knew something was very evil about the board. We did not close it right and the board became freezing cold. It took a few rituals to close what seemed to be a portal with the help of a banishing spell and salt. If anyone comes across one of these boards, STAY AWAY. I never in my life felt as drained and weak as I did in that moment.
It is a commercially produced board game & although symbolism can be important. Having looked at the board online, I don't see anything more than a colourful board game.
Evil is roaming the universe looking for victims, there are enough idiots out there providing evil with everything it could desire, so it has no need to go looking.
We all believe in something greater than ourselves. Even if it's just the blind forces of chance. Ambassador G'Kar.
Spirit boards are an easy conduit into your own psyche. Even if you tell yourself that you're not afraid, there can be subconscious beliefs and fears that will mess with you.

The trick is to realize that you're in control of it all, and that's often easier said than done. But it really is necessary to rid yourself of any phenomena that (on the conscious level) you don't want to experience.

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