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odd dream i had about a classmates mom
this actually happened when i was in 5th grade (so roughly 7 years ago?)

basically, one of my classmates mother died of cancer back then. i wasnt close to him really, but we sat next to each other for a while. shortly after his mom died, i dreamed about her coming to me telling me to tell my classmate that she's alright and she loves him dearly. i never actually did tell him about the dream.. i didnt wanna freak him out. no one wants to hear "hey i dreamed about ur dead mom" from someone that ur not really friends with right??
i never once told anyone about this dream actually, there was never a time or place u know?
it's odd to me because... if this was the spirit of their mother trying to contact me... why me? i was barely friends with the kid?
what are your thoughts?
Flower Child
well theres 2 main possibilities here, 1 it was a spirit and for some reason or another u were just more 'spiritually charged' or something and it made it easier for the mother to contact you over a closer friend of the child.

2 is that u being a young person hearing about someone's mom dieing felt bad for the kid so your subconscious dreamt a way for you to try to help make the kid feel better (and u just realised after wakeing up that that probably wasnt a good idea). it happens a lot with people who recently have their own relatives pass on where they'll dream of their loved ones telling them calming goodbye messages that help them move on with the grieving process.

its up to you to come up with what it actually was though, hope this helps
One of the theories on why we dream among psychologists is that we dream as a way to resolve mental conflict or anguish. This is why many psychologists have been interested in hearing the dreams of their patients as it gives insight into their emotional problems.

It's very likely that you had this dream as a resolution to the bad feelings you were having for this person losing his mother.

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