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do you visit places that only exist in your dreams?
well the subject is pretty self explanatory! do you?

for me, i often dream about the same places over and over again and i do different things there every time. i call these places "dream places" because theyre... places.. in dreams.. lol. a lot of the places are similar to or have aspects of areas i liked to be during my childhood. for example, i often dream about a garden with tall hedges with a cute white bench (i think its a maze but im not a fan of mazes so ive never had a dream where i went past the bench) and near it is a path leading to a beach. the path is exactly like a path i would pass by everyday as a kid when i'd walk the dog with my family. the path in my dream leads to a very long very sandy beach, and theres a shop run by an old east asian man near it! i love the shop, i always get things that i want most there. i think i saw his wife once in the store too! the both of them remind me of the couple that run the sushi place i very often go to near my house.
back near the garden, theres also a very nice medium sized 2 story house!! its pretty cute and mostly white but always empty. i only had a dream inside it once, it was very clean and nice!
i think theres a few more places, but i cant remember any off the top of my head rn. i cant go to them whenever i want though, sometimes i just pop up in one of these places and then leave. i hope one day ill be able to freely visit and explore all these places as much as i want!! (this all reminds me of the game yume nikki minus the spooky stuffs)

soo... what about you? thoughts?
(sorry if my grammar isnt always right or if my speech patterns a bit weird!!)
Flower Child
I've thought quite a bit about the locations of the settings of my dreams. A lot of my dreams are set in or near my grandparents house. If the house isn't actually in the dream the place has the feel or the familiarity of my grandparents house. Sometimes the place is completely different from the house and yard but still feels exactly like the area of my grandparents house.

Not all of my dreams happen there, though. I've noticed that some of my dreams happen at places where I've worked in the past. Here's a curious thing. I don't seem to dream about where I'm currently working, I seem to dream about where I worked before my current job. In my teens I worked at a store and began dreaming about it when I changed jobs and I only dreamed about being on the ship in the Navy after I got out of the Navy. I now have a part-time retirement job but haven't ever dreamed about it, instead I dream about the job I retired from. Most of my dreams of working are not happy dreams, though, they seem stressful and tense.

Now and then I have dreamed about places extremely different from anywhere that I have ever been. Once I dreamed I was a girl in the early Civil War and lived in a big house on a hill over a river. I had a very vivid dream all about the place. A few years later I visited New Market battlefield on the Shenandoah River and was amazed how much the area looked like in my dream.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

Yes I do every night I visit places that only exist in my dreams. Every night I am in a place where I'm with my daughter and we are always being chased by these men. Thing is, in these dreams I know just about everybody and what's funny is, I am a Sailor Scout like in Sailor Moon and that I am their leader and a princess. No, I'm not Sailor Moon or Serena. But I am running because I refuse to marry a prince, who just so happens to be Prince Endymion from Sailor Moon. Every night we are running in different places but in most we are either in a mall or an airport. And I haven't watched Sailor Moon in years, so explain that one if you can.
Pretty much everytime I sleep, I dream of a place that only exits in my dreams, Sometimes of course places too a lot that only exist in fictional stuff like from someone elses' imagination that now are famous "places"

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