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Seeking advice or help!

I have decided to post here for a friends family. they are of Filipino origin and are living in Ireland for the last 7+ years.

they own a brand new house never lived in before in a housing estate built on a field no previous buildings,towns,graveyards were on the land that the estate is on.

over the years they have been experiencing some strange things happening in their house it started with strange noises around their house.

then their son who had something strange happen with his wardrobe won't tell anyone what happened, he has a stick going through the handles of the door and it tied with rope he leaves his clothes on the floor and refuses to use his wardrobe.

recently the during the night the mother and father awoke to a noise they described only as someone was in their hallway at the top of the stairs ripping up the floor boards.

the mother is a brave woman so she grabbed her bat and walked out to the hallway nothing was there everything was fine but she looked in the mirror on the wall and seen something.

once again she won't tell anyone what she seen but has not been the same since she immediately the next day paid people to come to her home, they performed a cleansing on the house and broke the mirror using sage and other stuff tried to clean the house of whatever was there. she has been paying these people for the past 3 weeks now to come daily and clean the house how much money she has paid i don't know but she doesn't care she justs wants it gone.

they had their last visit two days ago and said that they think whatever was there is now gone and stopped calling. since the night that they have left she has been dreaming that she is sleepwalking in the hallway standing in front of the mirror and something grabs her from behind and pulls her underwater where she then wakes up she has dreamed this exact dream the last few nights that the people have left.

their house has loads of tribal masks all over it and as I have said they are Filipino

does anybody have any idea of what might help my friends or have they heard of anything similar online i cant seem to find very much and just want to help them

if you have read all of this thank you any information would be greatly appreciated sorry for any bad spelling or grammar.
First off, welcome to the forum Smile

May I ask as to what kind of tribal masks do they have in their house?
(10-29-2016, 08:07 AM)MaCan Wrote: First off, welcome to the forum Smile

May I ask as to what kind of tribal masks do they have in their house?


they have maybe over 30 different masks all of them look tribal, i believe they were brought over with them from the Filipinas.

the people they had over took no interest in the masks and only the mirror.

they look similar to this one in the picture    
I think the Ruling Spirits of Ireland hate the Spirits of the Masks. There is a turf war going on. They want this family out!

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