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a close encounter with the truth
10-16-2017, 03:29 AM
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RE: a close encounter with the truth
Image previous post:

In the picture is a person who was reincarnated into my body at the age of ten.
I can confirm this to be true.
Who is it, what does it work in me, why exactly; I can partially answer these questions, but I have not even discovered some of the details that left me missing.
 What is the Being - the Remnant of the Early Civilizations
 What is the creature - UFO
What is the Being - who lives forever and has given me the opportunity to learn the course of the reincarnation of the human soul and tell it.
This subject took over the management of my body, so I did not have a special influence on him as a child.
My innate soul, which I received at the birth of the body, has been screwed and remained at the level of a ten year old baby, which I perceived when the specimen was leaving during my sleep out of the body.
These departures from the body during the body's sleep have become more and more frequent in recent times, they have been throughout my whole life, except that I did not give them any special meaning, I had them for strange dreams.
The relationship between the subject and the body remains as a whole.
This specimen is now conscious to me, as I walk with ghosts through energies, I am aware of everything; during this time, the body, as in a paralysis, can not move, only the eyes and the vision and the mind of the child work, which gave me the opportunity to I saw myself jumping back into the body; I shake it to wake up; sometimes I pull my leg.
Everything happens in a fraction of a second, which is enough to draw in the last-minute way what I am when I walk between ghosts.
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11-18-2017, 05:04 AM
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RE: a close encounter with the truth
The emergent form of enriched energy that has evolved in the human body and is shaped to its perfection.
Her body served as a model or template.
Let it be so scary, but this is pure truth. Some op. energies take on a model, such as plants, animals, essentially everything that transforms with its growth and can evolve evolutionarily.
Ghosts exist only in the imagination of man because they can not explain these processes.
The human body, animal and vegetation is just an oasis for the life of refined energies, where they get their shelter to hide from the ruthless fifth dimension.
In the picture, energy is compressed by the shape of the human body and, whenever it can be transformed into a mist, another distorted form or nest in another nebula.
Therefore, in the fifth dimension, only "contact" with other forms is important, where they are mingled and changed.
When the body dies, this form reincarnates into another body, which also happened with my body in my youth; the energy took over my body and has been in the lead for more than half a century.
When the body gets sick, it jumps energy while sleeping and returns with stolen energy that greets the body.
I do not need to eat tablets, as well as never visit a doctor, and that's through my whole life.
To be continued:

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Yesterday, 06:33 AM
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RE: a close encounter with the truth
My personal opinion is that energy around us is one that creates living bodies, where it has the ability to connect to physical life. It is defense and protection against the rainbow of energies.

Planets are just material for creating.
Therefore, I claim that the paranormal form is the first life that began to happen.

The human being will never understand this!
The human body is practical - nothing - goes and lives as a moving plant.
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