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a close encounter with the truth
The problem is in a language translator,
I am open to discussion - ask me questions which should be as simple, short, without sophistication.

Because I often do not understand what anyone is asking me, I do not answer.

My mother tongue is very complicated.

So I'm sorry for the problems.
Konstant time :

Source of continuous light; (its initial activation, constant time, say the light of a planet) ------ seen in a later period somewhere distant, means - light seen in the past.

The wave or the impulse of light that travels and leaves behind its opposite, which is called the "theme", this darkness moves away from the light wave in the opposite direction, that is, it is somehow approaching the source of the initial constant time of this wave of light, but when ' "the theme" comes past the constellation, and virtually approaches the wave of light and pursues it.

TIME; (the constant time of a certain period, say the period of dinosaurs.) ------- viewed, or surviving in a later period somewhere, means - to spend time, or what time leaves behind, and this is the aging that happened from the constant to the present.

The opposite of time could be then, aging and its opposite is rejuvenation.

You can see the source of light, but you can not see the source of the time, you only see the remnants of the time left behind.

Aging, let's say it travels from left to right and leaves behind rejuvenation or youth, which from aging moves in the opposite direction from right to left, and the same as the "theme" is closer to the constants of the mentioned period and because it does not stop in this period of constant then practically follows aging.

And this circulation or spilling should be similar to the water wave. If we imagine that the universe or galaxy acts circularly in the shape of a ball, and that no one interferes with this wave, the wave of light and the wave of the darkness, as well as the wave of aging and the wave of rejuvenation, pass through the circular journey of time.
The Scientific American magazine, August 5, 1852, published a mysterious archetype at the scale of a rock, which was a 7 cm high vase, resembling zinc or a metal alloy with a high content of silver. It was a wonderful vintage or, .venca.
The vase was 4 meters in a deep stone layer (pudding stone) or a newer one (Roxbury conglomerate.)
This rock originates from the pre-Cambrian period and is estimated to be over 600 million years old.
Cynthia Irwin-Williams, an anthropologist in Mexico, in Hueyatlaco, near the city of Puebla, found a technologically advanced tool that uses anatomically modern human beings. These objects are estimated to be over 250 million years old by four different methods.
Among other things, gold-plates encountered human anatomical modern skeletons in the soil layer, which, according to calculations, were about 55 million years old.

This means that the mysterious historical facts of these finds and the appearance of man on earth do not adhere to what the scientific theorists who are adhering to their theories as a drunkard are blamed.
This theory of the "period of two suns" and the extinction of earth and rebirth holds more water than the doctrines of old doctrines.
The human being has to be supplemented or evolved through evolution, so that he can survive in the coming period that is nearing us, and that is, the underground shelters for further survival, so that he will not be back at the very beginning of the evolutionary path and would never reach the the perfection that the space creature can reach somewhere far from us.
Reinkarnacija :

The chromosomal form or the soul record of each individual also applies after death.
Lucid dreams are just walking along a thin line called the "thin line of life or death."

You can not change this thin line, knowingly or deliberately.

The thin line in both directions is changed only by those who once reincarnated into some physical body and live in it (as a sort of parasite)

Reincarnation happens 1: 100 000 000 People.
That's why this is just an illusion for most people.
I notice that people are not ready to accept more the truth than their religion or belief in God offers.

To accept that the posthumous life has no limitations and is in the planetary atmosphere as a kind of energy that establishes and tailors living beings and is essentially the first intelligent form that has its own consciousness.

When people live in their body, they are conscious that everything begins with their birth and from here on they create their illusion, where they also shape their mortality associated with the religious message.

From here on they do not accept anything more. So I think that we should also change the mental pattern and think in this direction that everything is possible without the so-called evidence, thus opening our brains to the doctrines in which before the dreams were still not allowed .
Rudidur, I'm really sorry, but I've been through these types of conversations before. I have no issues with anything you say, should it follow proper logic. What I mean by that is: If it claims to be something measurable, then let it be measured. if it can't be measured empirically, then it doesn't exist in the realm of physical reality.

Now, things that aren't physically real can still be conceptually real. I am a strong believer and proponent of the idea that there exists a dualism in reality. The first part is the physical, while the second is the realm of intent. Within that realm we have anything spiritual (existing solely as force of will) and immaterial (conceptualizations that cannot be empirically measured, but can be logically argued for). Within this dualistic theory, everything is possible, but only certain things are to ever be considered truth.

The path to truth is narrow. There can only be one method through which to attain truth: Reason. Objective reasoning will help take us to where we must go to uncover the truth. Experience won't. Evidence won't. Everything else is supplementary.

So...all of this laid out:
When you say
"To accept that the posthumous life has no limitations and is in the planetary atmosphere as a kind of energy that establishes and tailors living beings and is essentially the first intelligent form that has its own consciousness."
You must physically quantify it. Unfortunately, you cannot physically quantify it. This is because test have been done, and are still ongoing for similar things, and nothing has been found.

Your next claim ties the spirit to the body, says that our experience of birth is the base illusion that shapes our beliefs about mortality and the religious message. However, people have grown up without religion, which means that it is not contingent on birth. Furthermore, people don't realize their mortality (even when they can comprehend the concept of death), until they witness it first-hand for the first time. So, birth is not as important for the "illusion" as you might think.

It isn't a matter of not accepting anything more. It's a matter of proving your claims. When we deal with this separate world, we need to prove what we are saying. I've read every post, and between much of the talking and repeats, you didn't argue anything at all. You've just been talking without saying anything. You are literally assuming it is all true, but you are thinking it in your head and putting it down in words.

Having an open mind is important. However, it cannot be so open that everything that enters is considered gospel. You need to "change the mental pattern" of people to think more critically, and begin asking people to prove or verify what they are saying. If they cannot, you ought to tread carefully in accepting their beliefs and assumptions. Many people on here understand that. That is why you feel like you are meeting much resistance.

Anyways, I've tried to explain it as best I can, but I have to work soon and I'm very tired. it's the middle of my work-week. So, if you have any questions, please go ahead and ask. I'll do my best to answer when I can.
I do not know ......... maybe it will help!
Somebody's close, but it's still very far!
KaelisRa :

Thank you for your efforts in the form of an answer:

My claims are "measurable" ever since he settled into me Embryo Alien.

To list things I'm following from what the alien is in me:

Effect on magnetic electromechanical objects. (I can change the operation of objects.)
I am a mediator between the 3 - 5 dimension (literally between life and death (verified - I can remove unwanted natural persons)

influence weather and events and forecasts.
predict the future.

My theory is that life after death is real. But you live it always during the time of birth and the time of death. This date is also for the time of re-birth as reincarnation occurs for re-birth.
Repeatability is like a gramophone that can be rotated again and it gives you sound, but you can hear it only on the same date, which means that you must always return to the past.
This means that you live a different life only during this time period and the date of your first birth, but you can use the same or another physical body.
Hey there, Rudi.

I think I have an idea of what it is you are talking about. Correct me if I am wrong, please:

This "he" is an alien/energy spirit. He settled into you, which is giving you a collection of abilities.
  • Power over electromagnetic objects (which are, fundamentally, all objects)
  • I mediator between the 3rd and 5th dimensions, which translate into the dimensions of Life and Death.
  • influence over weather events
  • Predictions of the future
You also say that you believe life after death is real (straightforward enough). 
Reincarnation is a thing (ok). 
Repeatability (I'm guessing you mean life) is like the repetitive nature of a gramophone. Where it goes round and round, creating sound. However, it only repeats on every revolution, which means you always relive the past.

The last part is a bit confusing, as per everything that came before it. I'm going to take a bit of license here to flesh it out a bit.

Life is circular, like a gramophone (from this point, I'm going to use a clock). Your birth is 00:00 (or 12am). From 00:00 to 12:00, your life lives its full rotation. That is from start to finish (birth to death). When you reach 00:00 again, you are reincarnated, restarting the circle. This is not your first birth, but happens at the same time your first birth occurred. Thus, you live another life in another body, but you are essentially the same person.

Does that sound accurate to what you are trying to say? I don't want to reply to your theory, unless I am understanding it correctly.
Congratulations :
I'm surprised you have a good understanding of what I'm writing about.
You have very accurately described the recurring reincarnation that happens to me.
Otherwise I'm an ordinary man, married, with grandchildren.

A person in my body is shown to me throughout the whole form.

Person, leads my body when it comes out of my body, my body remains paralyzed, only eyes work.

Sometimes it happens that when a person returns to my body, he awakens the body with trembling.
Sometimes he starts to pull me by the foot, as if he wanted to move me to another position ..

the exact location of my reincarnation:
46 ° 08'44.14 "S
14 ° 33'40.91˝ V

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