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a close encounter with the truth
People are creatures of light, as we have on earth the sun in the right distance. Most life in the form of soul energy that lives in darkness, in conjunction with us.
The body of the spacecraft allows light life.
All these creatures in their constant interaction with us.

After death there is no light to live in eternal darkness, because the darkness kills.
Man - a being of light
Light - a man lives in the body (spacesuit in the form of the body)
light causes death - aging
In these life lasts forever, it just upgrades and changes.

Darkness or exit from the body of death - paranormal life, after the death of the body.

Paranormal life is the first form of life and not the other, or vice versa.

But not for every human being light!

Planets, where there is no sun, this form of paranormal mutate and waiting ............. sooner or later there will be sun came out and triggered the evolution of some creatures.
The first thing a person must establish is that when you are born, say, 1960 and you now 57 years old; if you happen to die your body or soul energy does not remain in 2017 but in the year 1960th
Not necessarily in the same area of ​​your birth, because they moved to another place.
Born in 1960 and live today means to live the autumn of his birthday.
Prowling in the amount of time and at the end of these pulls back to your initial stage where you started.
Well, where I started was with my exit from the body already waiting for some black energetic souls who came together and floating in the air just above me.
Happened somewhere in my six years of age, that is reincarnated me one power. (I wrote about this below)
These outputs have me confused and I do not give peace to this day, but still I managed to jump back into the safe body, but now in his later years even see or find myself their paranormal body when entering the motionless paralyzed body. (I see through the eyes of the landscape state)
Because I do not feel some changes in behavior I conclude that this power is not mine but foreign as well as memories from childhood made me think that just walking from the body.
When you among other exits also often pull on your leg, or shaking your body to awaken him, sometimes when I'm lying on the bed, the body just a little nudges to fix your position; In short, I keep my body (spacesuit)
Most people living with a congenital soul, which shapes the whole life and die not to recognize the dark side, we call panaromalno.
Some people we have inherited and that other who comes to us when we are children.
I once shook when entering back my body to wake up, my body is shriveled with innate soul say "leave me bro what you want to fight again," I had a brother that is what we always fought. "
My body without a soul to wander around leaving only the innate soul then had from childhood to when he joined me this that I have today.
The soul who steals the body, innate soul absorbed and destroyed lives with her whole life.
It does happen that forced the soul leaves the body before the death of the body and leaves the old body with a children's brains, which we call dementia.
Thus, when an old man through life not determine what is and what is happening to it On the end he becomes demented never aware that he had a soul forced from the time of childhood.
Everything happens spontaneously and already own events through the life you discover what is reality and what is just a dream.
What does it mean to walk around the room and prižigaš light, because everything is dark, the light will not pay, perhaps prižigaš because you have just moved from the physical to the paranormal world and not realize that there does not need light because it is simply not and you do not need.

Prvo, kar mora človek ugotoviti je to ,da ko se rodiš ,recimo leta 1960 in si danes star 57 let ; če slučajno umreš tvoja telesna duša ali energija ne ostane v letu 2017 temveč v letu 1960.

Ni nujno, da na istem prostoru tvojega rojstva,ker si se preselil v drug kraj.
Rojen leta 1960 in živiš še danes pomeni ,da živiš jesen svojega rojstnega dneva.
Plaziš se v višino časa in na koncu te potegne nazaj v tvoj začetni stadij ,kjer si začel.

No tam ,kjer sem jaz začel je pri mojem izhodu iz telesa že čakalo nekaj črnih energijskih duš,ki so se prepletale in lebdele v zraku malo nad mano.
Se je pa zgodilo nekje pri šestih letih moje starosti,da se je reinkarnirala vame ena energija.(o tem bom pisal v nadaljevanju)

Ti izhodi so me begali in mi niso dali miru vse do danes,toda vedno sem uspel skočiti nazaj v varno telo, le da zdaj v poznejših letih tudi vidim oziroma zasačim svoje paranormalno telo pri vstopu v negibno paralizirano telo.(vidim skozi oči v ležečem stanju)

Ker ne občutim nekih sprememb pri obnašanju sklepam ,da je ta energija moja ni pa tuja in tudi spomini iz otroških let mi dajo misliti ,da pač hodim iz telesa.

Ko si med drugimi izhodi tudi dostikrat potegnem za svojo nogo,ali tresem svoje telo ,da bi ga prebudil,včasih ko ležim na robu postelje pa telo samo malo dregnem ,da popravim svoj položaj; skratka čuvam svoje telo (skafander)

Večina ljudi živi z eno prirojeno dušo,katero kroji celo življenje in umre ne da spozna temno stran ,ki ji pravimo panaromalno.
Nekateri ljudje pa imamo prirojeno in to drugo,ki pride v nas ,ko smo še otroci.

Nekoč sem pri vstopu nazaj tresel svoje telo,da se prebudi ,moje telo pa je z zakrnelo prirojeno dušo reklo " pusti me bratec kaj se hočeš spet tepsti "imel sem bratca ki sva se kar vedno borila."
Moje telo brez duše, ki se sprehaja naokoli ostane samo z prirojeno dušo v dobi še iz otroštva do takrat,ko je vame vstopila ta ki jo imam še danes.

Duša ,ki ukrade telo ,prirojeno dušo posrka vase in z njo živi celo življenje.
Se pa tudi zgodi ,da vsiljena duša zapusti telo še pred smrtjo telesa in zapusti staro telo z otroško pametjo,ki ji pravimo demenca.
Tako, ko star človek skozi življenje ne ugotovi ,kaj je in kaj se z njim dogaja na kocu pa postane dementen nikoli ne izve,da je imel vsiljeno dušo iz časa otroštva.

Vse se dogaja spontano ,že sami dogodki skozi življenje ti odkrivajo kaj je realnost in kaj samo sanjaš.
Kaj ti pomeni ,da se sprehajaš po sobi in prižigaš luč,ker je vse temno ,luč pa ne posveti ,morda prižigaš zato, ker si ravnokar prestopil iz fizičnega v paranormalni svet in nisi dojel,da tam sploh ne rabiš luči ker je enostavno ni in je ne rabiš.

Individual energy hidden in the body. He is afraid that they are not infected with a variety of mixed energy when walking in the paranormal dimension or form.
The spirit of man is as a set of small plasmas related to the whole. The mesh is not only empty cavities;
The body is in the form of the human body including the fingers, the hair is, naked body, brownish color, no sexual organs or where there would be a set of cells did not.
Paranormal form of energy is like an anaconda snake that wraps around your energy and if you have available to the human body, which is still functioning, you can jump into it, where you're safe.
What could happen if your body does not react.

Prelivanje energij ,moč ,ki jo imajo posamezne stare energije ,se z njeno prekaljenostjo skrije v telo in se potuhne ,da se le ne okuži z z raznimi mešanimi energijami med sprehajanjem v paranormalni dimenziji.

Paranormalna energija človeka je kot skupek malih plazem povezanih v celoto. V očesni votlini ni očesa je samo prazna votlina ;
Telo je v obliki človeškega telesa vključno z prsti, las ni,je samo gola oblika telesa, rjavkaste barve, spolnih organov ni oziroma tam ,kjer naj bi bil skupek celic tega ni.

Tuja energija se ti ovije kot velika kača okoli tvoje energije in če imaš na razpolago človeško telo ,ki še vedno funkcionira ,lahko skočiš v njega ,kjer si na varnem.
Kaj se pa zgodi ,če tvoje telo ne reagira.
This is not a lucid state, I agree with this I disagree. Everything happens today and what tomorrow is this,that it is yesterday is already history - past,but from it not oddaljuješ but pulling for you at an interval of one day ; and so on. All this past vlečeš for each other, or all pretečena history comes to us; No history of plugs in the past , is flexible. Just exit dušne energy from the deceased body is constant and when you find yourself in paranormalnem the world are these objects around you, instead of the age -pomlajujejo and literally disappearing ,because your energy is in a position arhivne niches (time stop) going back into the past ,up there somewhere,where you start perceiving the human body , genetically modified and designed according to your sample dušne energy of the body,which are formed in the time of your birth. For the new life you need a body that meets your energy not body ,which is born in the later years. If their the purposes in this condition of repeatability means that you have the opportunity to spend more lives like an ordinary mortal,who are unaware even while living only one life. I have a few more slutenj forward and wait for them analiziram . I discovered that paranormalna dimension of the basis for the life of the human or outside of the natural creatures (which, I might as well myself),and wander from darkness to the human body at intervals of one human span of life. I saw his soul,who jumped back in my body and immediately drew some sort of avatar ,which now I use on the forum. Why was my body in this moment paralizirano and sane at the level of the eight-year-old child . The questions that I have yet to analyze : three specimens from the previous life 1.Why lovim-fish in large rivers ,where they are huge and all after the type and shape are the same( the fish in the periods when was not yet a man) very prijemajo ,but strictly they are not edible. 2.Position six of the stars in the sky, all at the same time they're moving through the sky from left to the right side ,and I with someone talking "the evo have already come" 3. I stand and watch the dark black fog,which is zakrila all the sky and slowly passes and we are approaching - I'm talking with someone "it happened"

To ni lucidno stanje, jaz se z tem ne strinjam.

Vse ,kar se zgodi danes in kaj jutri je to,da je to včeraj že zgodovina - preteklost,ki se pa od nje ne oddaljuješ temveč se vleče za teboj v razmaku enega dne ; in tako naprej.
Vsa ta preteklost vlečeš za seboj oziroma vsa pretečena zgodovina gre za nami;
Zgodovina ne čepi v preteklosti , je gibljiva.

Samo izstop dušne energije iz umrlega telesa je konstanten in ko se znajdeš v paranormalnem svetu se ti predmeti okoli tebe namesto starajo -pomlajujejo in dobesedno izginjajo ,ker se tvoja energija v poziciji arhivne niše (čas,ki se ustavi) vrača v preteklost ,do tja nekje,kjer začneš zaznavati človeška telesa , ki so genetsko prirejena in oblikovana po tvojem vzorcu dušne energije,telesa,ki so nastala v času svojega rojstva.
Za novo življenje rabiš telo ,ki ustreza tvoji energiji ne telo ,ki je rojeno v poznejših letih.

Če svojo duš.energijo pripelješ v tako stanje ponovljivosti pomeni,da imaš možnost preživeti več življenj, kot navaden smrtnik,ki se ne zaveda tudi ko živi eno samo življenje.

Imam še nekaj slutenj za naprej in čakam ,da jih analiziram .

Odkril sem,da je paranormalna dimenzija osnova za življenje človeškega ali izven zemeljskega bitja (kar, sem morda tudi sam),in se sprehaja iz teme v človeško telo v razmakih ene človeške dobe življenja.

Videl sem svojo dušo,ki je skočila nazaj v moje telo in tudi takoj narisal neke vrste avatar ,ki ga zdaj uporabljam na forumu.
Zakaj je bilo moje telo v tem trenutku paralizirano in umsko na nivoju osem let starega otroka .

Vprašanja ,ki jih moram še analizirati : trije primerki iz prejšnjega življenja

1.Zakaj lovim ribe v velikih rekah ,kjer jih je ogromno in vse po vrsti in obliki so iste( ribe iz obdobja ,ko še ni bilo človeka) zelo prijemajo ,toda strogo so ne užitne.
2.Pozicija šestih zvezd na nebu, ki se vse istočasno pomikajo po nebu iz leve na desno stran ,jaz pa se z nekom pogovarjam
" evo so že prišli "
3. Stojim in gledam temno črno meglo,ki je zakrila vse nebo in počasi potuje in se nam približuje - govorim z nekom "zgodilo se je "


There are several dimensions!
The first dimension is a physically sensual life, as we all know, here we use time and toys.
The second dimension is paranormal life, where time does not exist, there is only contact.

For the sake of luck or sadness I know both sides!

to be continued:

Nadaljevanje sledi:
I have always stressed that there are good and evil, for example, and that we have to follow them.
I saluted a few people or gave them a radius around them where nothing bad, sick or fatal would happen to them, but I also murdered them, even though I did not even touch them and the time I did not even perceive .
These mortals who were abusing me in any way died in unclear reasons.
The problem is that I have the feeling that I am not alone when I move into the fifth dimension or exit to the breath that I have hinterlands there because of my inexplicable higher energy level so far and that other energies are subordinated to me.
I think that no one can physically or in any way abuse the enriched soul because it always stinks from the dark back into the body and out of the body back into the rainbow of energies.
My personal research:
The first thing that enters is always in the living body, usually in the child's, because this unblemished body does not ask what has happened to it: it thinks it's part of the childhood of growing up and the parents will regulate (of course, if the child tells them)
To be the real candidate for the entry of foreign energy, it was in my memory that as a child every night when I fell asleep I walked from my body up the stairs to the main exit from the house, where I always saw two to three ghosts, and then I I scared and jumped back to my body, where I was thinking about what was happening to me.
This never ended until I got a light shock shock on this path, which came in my brainis made into the body.
I assume that this was the reincarnation of foreign energy, which immediately took over the management of my body, and she also wondered where it actually was, what happened to her.
I assume that I already live in a third body, all of which repeats with a rather different fate, but all over the same time period.
When I step out of the body, I have control of my energy and also a part with the body I leave. My body is old paralyzed and with the child's mind and memories of that day when the intruder entered the body (I intruder I am the present)
Due to partial consciousness of the body, I saw the leap of my energy back to the body (literally)
One night I felt that someone was shaking my body while I was sleeping. In my childhood, I always fell in love with my brothers, and before I saw that my energy was shaking, I told my brother to stop, that I could not be ravaged. (The energy was in the form of a non-skinned skin with migrating cellular plasma, as the man on whom the bee was born, and covered it completely, everything was migrating, it was brown in color, where the eyes were empty cavities, no ears, and sexual Organ.)
Sometimes I begin to pull my body out of bed often at night, and when the instant the waking spirit jumps back into the body.
My findings:
Every person lives his life from birth to death. When he dies he finds himself at the time of his birth; Although it can move is the same as a tree that dies in the same soil where it began to grow.
Because from the past, as elasticity, the time is moving into the future, only each time is important for every living being. All the rest is the measured time for things that have not yet happened, born or appeared.
Many things are present or existing from the past, and all of us pursue it as if we are dragging the past behind us, but we rotate in a circle like a snake biting its tail.
Every one of them regardless of the time of birth.

It's hard to argue with different souls!
Someone is poisoned with God.
Someone is hooked with eastern unrealistic virtuals.
Somebody is poisoned with a scary.
All this cover is partially acceptable, but only the truth must be experienced by man, which is not possible because most of the born people do not perceive changes in sleep or awake.
They simply can not decipher the moments that are happening to him, let alone when he leaves or dies. It looks like they are bodies that are available for eternal souls.
The biggest problem is that young people want to discover this paranormal mystery by themselves, thereby gaining experience or theories on different paths. When you are young, you do not have developed parts in your head or brain, such as perception, perception, vision, Inference, modified scent receptors (after a sharp smell you can detect that you are not alone in the room or outside) orientation in the dark,
The old saying says that before you die, your whole life movie turns back, (they say it)
This is partly true because I'm telling you to return just before death back to the time of birth.
It may be that many individuals are caught together with forced soul energy, but they will not find this until death.
Dementia will never be treated with medication or therapy, since such cases are only the early departure of the worms. Souls from the stolen body, but man was not aware of this.
He did not realize this because he was burdened with perhaps a religion that does not describe or allow such thinking.
To be continued:

Vedno sem poudarjal ,da obstajajo nasprotja naprimer dobro in zlo in se moramo ravnati po njih.

Kar nekaj ljudi sem pozdravil ali sem jim dal radius okoli njih ,kjer se jim ne bo zgodilo nič slabega ,bolezenskega ali smrtnega, sem jih pa tudi umoril ,čeprav se jih nisem niti dotaknil in tistega časa ,ko se je to dogajalo sploh nisem zaznaval.

Ti smrtniki ,ki so me kakorkoli zlorabljali so umrli v ne pojasnjenih vzrokih.
Problem je v tem,da imam občutek, da nisem sam ,ko preidem v peto dimenzijo oziroma izhod na dah,da imam tam zaledje zaradi moje neke do sedaj nerazložljive višje stopnje energije in ,da se mi ostale energije podrejajo.

Mislim,da ne more nobeden človek fizično ali kakorkoli zlorabiti oplemeniteno dušo,ker se vedno izmuzne iz teme nazaj v telo in ven iz telesa nazaj v mavrico energij.

moja osebna raziskava :

Prvo,kar je opl.energija vstopi vedno v živo telo ponavadi v otroško,kajti to nebogljeno telo ne sprašuje ,kaj se mu je zgodilo;pač misli ,da je to del otroštva odraščanja in bodo že starši uredili (seveda če jim otrok pove)
Da sem bil pravi kandidat za vstop tuje energije je bilo po mojem spominu to,da sem kot otrok vsak večer,ko sem zaspal hodil iz telesa po stopnicah do glavnega izhoda iz hiše,kjer sem vedno videl dva do tri duhove,nakar sem se jih ustrašil in skočil nazaj v telo,kjer sem buden razmišljal,kaj se mi dogaja.
To se nikoli ni končalo vse dokler sem na tej poti dobil svetlobni šok udarec ,ki je priletel v moje možgane se pravi v telo.
Predvidevam,da je bilo to reinkarnacija tuje energije,katera je takoj prevzela vodenje mojega telesa in se je tudi sama čudila,kje pravzaprav je,kaj se ji zgodilo.
Predvidevam, da živim že v tretjem telesu,vse pa se ponavlja z dokaj različno usodo toda vse v istem časovnem obdobju.

Ko izstopim iz telesa imam kontrolo nad svojo energijo in tudi del z telesom,ki ga zapustim .Moje telo je staro paralizirano in z pametjo nivoja otroka in z spomini tistega dne ,ko je vsiljivec vstopil v telo.(vsiljivec sem zdajšnji Jaz)
Zaradi delne zavesti telesa sem videl skok moje energije nazaj v telo.(dobesedno)

Neke noči sem čutil ,da mi nekdo trese telo med spanjem. V otroštvu sva se bratom vedno ravsala in še preden sem videl ,da me trese moja energija ,sem rekel bratu naj neha ,da se mi ne da ravsati. (energija je bila v obliki človeka brez kože z migajočimi celičnimi plazmami ,kot človek na katerim je roj čebel in to pokrito v celoti,vse je migatalo,bilo je rjave barve, kjer so oči ,so bile prazne votline, brez ušes,in spolnega organa.)

Včasih začnem ponoči dostikrat vleči svoje telo iz postelje in ko se v trenutku zbudim duh skoči nazaj v telo.

moje ugotovitve :

Vsak človek živi svoje življenje od rojstva do smrti. Ko umre se znajde v času svojega rojstva; čeprav se lahko premika je isto,kot drevo ,ki umre se znajde v isti prsti ,kjer je začel rasti.
Ker se iz preteklosti, kot elastika steguje čas v prihodnost je za vsako živo bitje važen samo le njegov čas.Vse ostalo je merjeni čas za stvari,ki se še niso zgodile ,rodile ali pojavile.

Veliko stvari je prisotnih ali obstajajočih iz preteklosti in vse nas zasleduje kot ,da preteklost vlečemo za sabo, se pa vrtimo v krogu kot ,da bi kača grizla svoj rep.
Vsak po svoje ne glede na čas rojstva.

Težko je debatirati z različnimi dušami !

Nekdo je zastrupljen z bogom.
Nekdo je zasvojen z vzhodnimi nerealističnimi virtualami .
Nekdo je zastrupljen z krišno.

Vsa ta navlaka je delno sprejemljiva ,toda samo resnico mora človek doživeti sam ,kar pa ni možno, ker že večina rojenih ljudi ne zaznava sprememb v budnem ali stanju spanja.
Enostavno ne znajo dešifrirati momentov ,ki se mu dogajajo,kaj šele,ko zapusti oziroma umre. Zgleda ,da so to telesa ,ki so na razpolago za opl.večne duše.

Največji problem pa je ,da mladi hočejo to paranormalno skrivnost odkrivati sami,s tem pa si po različnih poteh pridobiti izkušnje ali teorije.Ko si mlad si mlad ,tudi v glavi oziroma v možganih nimaš razvite dele,kot so opažanje, zaznavanje,videnje,sklepanje,spremenjene receptorje za vonj,( po izostrenemu vonju lahko zaznaš,da nisi sam v prostoru ali izven) orientacija v temi,

Star rek pravi ,da predno umreš se ti zavrti ves življenjski film za nazaj.(tako pravijo)
To je delno resnično,ker sam pravim se vrneš tik pred smrtjo nazaj v čas rojstva.

Lahko ,da je marsikateri posameznik ujet skupaj z vsiljeno dušno energijo,pa tega do smrti ne bo ugotovil.
Demenco ne bodo nikoli zdravili z zdravili ali terapijo,ker taki primeri so samo predčasna zapustitev opl. duše iz ukradenega telesa, človek pa se tega ni zavedal.
Zavedal se ni tega ,ker je bil obremenjen morda z vero,ki ne opisuje oziroma dovoljuje takega razmišljanja.

Nadaljevanje sledi:
Reincarnation of human energy (soul):
The contact that happens with reincarnation is always out of the body; this means that the eternal, complete or enlightened soul merges with the other soul without the physical body, and with the young soul of the young human body, which is not knowing what is going on in the body during sleep is it happening or is it just a dream or an attempt to move to the fifth dimension.
How to distinguish ordinary dreams or passage or walking in 5.D .:
Repetitive dream 5.D;
These dreams surround your closeness, where you are, say, your room, where you sleep or the surroundings of your home, or where to go, but this experience happens in the perspective of a bird's flight or floating.
5.D Dream, where you are aware and hear that you speak, not that your neighbor tells you that you are talking in a sleep (the speech is similar, as if it is very difficult to pronounce syllables of words, it sounds like you do not have a language and a vocabulary.)
You float in the space, you observe 5.D: even when you see something and look twice, you see the same scene (usually in ordinary dreams you see only too short short duration.)
When you turn on the light switch, you can not see the light; (in ordinary dreams, you see the light, you do not give it special meaning, because this light does not originate from some photons, and you perceive it as the illuminated background of the dream itself.)
The person in sleep dreams only a few seconds, and the memory of what he dreamed is very short, he can only remember the dream if he immediately registers it in memory after waking up.
My opinion is that man and his physical body are only a refuge for souls in one way or another, but the way of thinking of newly born souls no longer exceeds, as if they do not get to know 5.D because they have enough work with themselves, they they do not deepen into all the details of their consciousness.
There is also a misconception of some theories of people linked to various religions and deceit from the side of some spiritual addicts who are not and will never win 5.D.
Usually, all discoveries are quite simple and they are not embedded in any unfinished philosophy.
Here is the question only, are you or not a candidate to go to 5.D. Have you managed to discover all your angles of consciousness?
To be continued :

Reinkarnacija človeške energije (duše):

Stik, ki se zgodi pri reinkarnaciji je vedno izven telesen, to pomeni,da se večna ,popolna ali oplemenitena duša brez fizičnega telesa spoji z drugo dušo in to z mlado dušo mladega človeškega telesa ,ki se med spanjem zvije iz telesa ne vedoč,kaj se dogaja ali so to samo sanje ali poizkus prehoda v peto dimenzijo.

Kako razlikovati navadne sanje ali prehod oziroma sprehajanje v 5.D.:

Ponavljajoče sanje 5.D;
Te sanje obsegajo tvojo bližino,kjer se nahajaš-recimo tvoja soba ,kjer spiš ali okolica tvojega domovanja,ali tudi kam dalj, toda to doživljanje se zgodi v perspektivi ptičjega leta oziroma lebdenja.

5.D Sanje,kjer se zavedaš in slišiš,da govoriš ,ne da ti tvoj bližnji pove,da si govoril v spanju(govorjenje je podobno,kot da zelo težko izgovarjaš zloge besed ,sliši se kot, da nimaš jezika in glasilk.)

Lebdenje po prostoru in opazovanje v 5.D: tudi,ko vidiš nekaj in pogledaš dvakrat, vidiš isti prizor.(ponavadi v navadnih sanjah vidiš samo prebliske kratkega trajanja.)
Ko prižgeš stikalo za luč,svetlobe ne vidiš; ( v navadnih sanjah vidiš svetlobo,samo temu ne daš posebnega pomena,ker ta svetloba ne izvira iz nekih fotonov in jo zaznavaš kot osvetljeno ozadje samih sanj.)

Človek v spanju sanja le par sekund in spomin ,kaj je sanjal je zelo kratek,lahko se sanj ne spominja edino ,če si to po bujenju takoj registrira v spomin.

Moje mnenje je, da je človek in njegovo fizično telo samo pribežališče za duše, tako ali drugače,toda način razmišljanja novo rojenih duš ne presega več,kot ,da do smrti ne spoznajo 5.D ,ker imajo z samim življenjem dovolj dela,se pa ne poglobijo v vse detajle svoje zavesti.
Tu je tudi krivo vcepljanje nekih teorij ljudem ,vezanih na razna verstva in zavajanja od strani nekih duhovnih zasvojencev ,kateri niso in ne bodo nikoli osvojili 5.D.

Ponavadi so vsa odkritja čisto preprosta in niso zavita v neko nedokončno filozofijo.
Tu je vprašanje samo ,si ali nisi kandidat za na pot v 5.D. ali si uspel odkriti vse svoje kotičke zavesti.

hodim z duhovi:

Nadaljevanje sledi :
Ghost hunters where I live are behind me for 150 years.
They do not know that it is paranormally the first form of life on earth, and the physical body is a slave.
I am personally convinced that I already live twice in another physical body, and that is what I remember.
I have the feeling that I am not the creature of this time that other people live or from this planet.
My mother always told me not to speak out loud that other people would not laugh at me.

When I saw my spirit outside my body, it was similar to some creature ET, it floats and moves with incredible speed.
In my opinion, the contact or fusion back into the body after the weight of the pressure was 20 decagrams.

When people around the world see the spirit in their vicinity and are in some kind of paralysis, they can see their conquering spirit and can not explain it, they live their first life.

I walk with ghosts:To be continued:

Lovci na duhove kjer živim so zaostali za mano 150 let.
Oni ne vedo da je paranormalno prva oblika življenja na zemlji ,fizično telo pa suženj.
Jaz sem osebno prepričan,da živim že dvakrat v drugem fizičnem telesu in to od kar pomnim.
Imam občutek,da nisem bitje tega časa ,ki ga živijo drugi ljudje ali pa iz tega planeta.
Moja mati mi je vedno govorila naj ne govorim naglas,da se mi ne bodo drugi ljudje smejali.

Ko sem videl svoj duh izven telesa, je bilo podobno nekemu bitju ET oblika, lebdi in se premika z neverjetno brzino.
Stik ali zlitje nazaj v telo po teži pritiska pa je bilo po moji oceni 20 dekagramov.

Ko po svetu ljudje vidijo duh v svoji bližini in so v neki paralizi negibanja je možno, da vidijo svoj osvajalski duh in si ne znajo razložiti, živijo svoje prvo življenje.

Hodim z duhovi:nadaljevanje sledi

Is this an image of a being of extraterrestrial origin, or is it an image of a refined soul?

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