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a close encounter with the truth
I try to understand the position of the person, before I sit and try to weigh whether or not it makes sense.

For instance, if life after death is real, it seems redundant to have reincarnation as well. It doesn't function as a fail-safe. You've already attained a form far superior to anything material, yet you are reborn into another material life. You get to struggle all over again, and - by and large - not remember anything of your past lives.

What you are claiming is that the "person in your body" doesn't exist just as this life's Rudi, but as a collection of all lives he has had. And you are fully aware of all of those lives.

Surprisingly, there is very little that I can critique on the subject. Everything you've said must be verified, but I can't verify it without being there to witness you doing whatever it is you say you can do. For instance, you say that you have power over electromagnetic objects. What I understand to be electromagnetic is different from what I know you say you can do.

You are saying to can control the operation of machinery and alter the ways in which they work. That is far less likely to be true, than what I understand electromagnetic objects to be. Electromagnetic objects are those objects that emit an electromagnetic field (EMF). Everything in the universe, perhaps save anti-matter, emits an EMF. When you break everything down to their atoms and molecules, the reason why things attach to each other and stay there are because of EMFs. They could be extremely localized to the molecule, or even the atom, but there is an EMF for everything, just because of that. So, when a person might say they can control/alter EMFs, I believe that it is possible somebody could do that, for EMFs that are of a specific intensity.
However, none of that has been verified for anybody. While it is possible, it hasn't been something so wide-spread to make what you say probable.

You say you have control over the 3rd and 5th dimensions, and then you say that those dimensions are life and death. However, they aren't. Here's a quick explanation of what the dimensions are: Ten Dimensions Explained

As 3rd dimensional beings, we cannot fathom what a dimension beyond ours is. Furthermore, if you were to die and become beings capable of it, the moment reincarnation takes place, we lose our perspective of how the dimension works in relation to ours. You cannot operate or influence a dimension outside of the one you reside in or lower on the scale. So, 100% you cannot do what you say, in respect to dimensions. It makes no logical sense.

As per weather and predictions of the future, they end up quite related in one aspect. Somebody, with a knack for predicting the outcomes of cause and effect, could theoretically predict the future and the weather. Somebody who wants to believe they can predict the future and the weather would do both by making educated guesses as to what the weather will be like "tomorrow". If they were right, they artificially bolster their beliefs.

On a separate note, weather is just another instance of EMFs doing what EMFs do. Thus, if somebody has the ability to, legitimately, influence and control EMFs, they could control the weather.

As for your last reply:
"Person, leads my body when it comes out of my body, my body remains paralyzed, only eyes work.

Sometimes it happens that when a person returns to my body, he awakens the body with trembling.
Sometimes he starts to pull me by the foot, as if he wanted to move me to another position .."

This could be falsely attributing effect to cause. You could believe that any of these things is because of what you believe you have special abilities in, but there are much more mundane and dangerous things that could be causing your paralysis, trembling, "ghost-touches" and so-on. You should go to the doctor and get some things checked out, just to be sure. That way you can cross anything dangerous off the list.

Anything like what you describe sounds like it could be something to do with the nervous system. The nervous system is directly attached to the brain. So, if it is something serious (like a brain tumor, etc.) you could catch it early enough to stop. If you keep waiting until worse effects arise, you could end up to a point where nothing can be done to save you.

Rather than just dismiss what I said (like "Thank you for your opinion, but that's not happening to me"), maybe you should go check it out. It won't hurt you. It can only help you. And if nothing is found, then you are justified further in your beliefs. So, there's literally no down-side to going and doing a quick run-through with your doctor.
KaelisRa :

Your answers are classical for the average mortal, and do not include experience that encompasses paranormal doctrines. (which you do not accept immediately want a medical examination)
My body is not familiar to a doctor and I do not need it, I visit it every 20 years for the system of civilization.

The connection between the 3 - 5 dimension - life - death, I explain this:
When a person does something bad for me, he had to die within the time limit I set and activated.

I have greeted quite a few people from various diseases (but this treatment is not in my mission - except for my family)

My action in 5 dimension: I do not work alone.
I can also work remotely without touching anyone.

At the forum I write so, maybe there is someone who is the same as I was trapped in eternity.

Take a look at these studies from:
Personally, I am not interested in studying someone who may also be embroiled in an ignorance.

What do you say to this study: do I ask your answer?
Yep, this is exactly what I was expecting you to say and do.

So, I'm out. I can only bang my head against a wall for so long. Smile

Good luck with your being more than an "average mortal".
Those coordinates you posted wouldn't happen to be your residence? Also, it's rather egotistical to say you're one in control of people's deaths and selfish to a point to not help people with various diseases unless they are only part of your family.

You're painting yourself a bad person.
[Image: space.gif]
Vultyrex :

So do people around the world act like bad people because they do not feed hungry people, kill innocent people, destroy the planet to the extreme?

Personally, I'm a very good, caring man, but I'm bothered by human arrogance.

It was already a while ago that I thought, "Vultyrex" that you are probably a good man in the heart (I perceive it from your writing), I give it directly from 5 dimensions "protective blockade in the radius of one kilometer", wherever you move you will be safe, as well as those that you love. (for this, my helpers from 5 dimensions will be taken care of.
The physical body is made up of a billion cell units.
Each cell is a "standalone unit that is engaged", it feels, lives, and is renewed. It is renewed by its copy - copies, copies with time become more aging and deformed (the body is old)

Cells have a certain place in the body, where it works only in conjunction with all others. "Cells also have their own soul!"

The human soul without the body retains the cellular souls in the same connection as they were in the physical body.
They always stick together.
There are no obstacles in the fifth dimension, and these cells can also move as you see many birds in flight - they are all together, but only the shape changes.
Let me remind you again:
Traveling with some mechanical machine in time periods is impossible!
Travel to the past is only feasible in the fifth dimension.

But this journey is not so that, when moving from point A, it appears at point B; this trip is like being on the station and waiting for the time period that has passed to slip past you.

In the circulation, the current time drags the past behind, it does not leave behind.
We live in a mixture of all past and present time.

This condition is especially gifted in the 5th dimension, because objects from the past can be changed to other forms by contact.

Mankind thinks history is a past, and even so lives (error), so it also creates the wrong time understanding.

Everything that arises has its beginning, its constant time of creation and the duration of its origin always leads to its initial position, where it all started.
Discovery and the realization that we are slowly moving into reality.
Such events should not be associated with religion and solve problems with it, because this problem is getting worse.
You must believe children what they tell you, for children are the purest realized creatures and tell the truth.
Occasionally you see paranormal beings that come from the fifth dimension, do not be afraid of them, because these creatures originate from our bodies after the death of our body. They are our continuation.

I walk with ghosts:
There are only two dimensions -
1st dimension of matter
2nd dimension of antimatter
everything else is the fruit of human fantasy.
Or said differently - the dimension of resistance of various elements and dimensions of interlacing antimatter without resistance.
Explain antimatter, please.
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