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Don't believe this was sleep paralysis and need feedback
Ok so I'm new to this and I need peoples honest opinion on what they believe happened to me. So here goes nothing, about 5 years ago I was struggling with a serious heroin addiction and pretty much at the end of my rope. My girlfriend had left me because I couldn't quit using and she didn't want to be apart of that lifestyle. I was more than ready to take my own life due to the severe depression that comes with heroin use and I had pleaded with my ex to give me one last chance. So she agreed and came out to the place I was staying to spend the night with me. After an entire night of talking about how I was going to stop using and get my life together if she was going to stay with me and I agreed because I truly loved this girl more than my own life. We both fell asleep and I woke up really early. I remember looking to my right out the window and seeing it was still nearly dark outside but the sun was just beginning to come up. I then turned my head back towards my girlfriend who had fallen asleep on my chest. I remember I was wide awake and had full control over my body at this point. I could move every part of my body if I wanted to. So I was laying there wide awake waiting to fall back asleep when suddenly I started being pulled towards the foot of my bed. Now most people would say this is sleep paralysis but here is the kicker. As I'm hyperventilating and completely frozen I'm looking at my girlfriend praying she will wake up and I can see her head is starting to twist because it's laying on my chest which is being pulled towards the edge of the bed. After about 3 or 5 min of this terrifying experience my girlfriend halfway wakes up to readjust herself and as soon as she does this and sets her arm back down on my chest I spring up out of bed trying to catch my breath and telling her what was happening and she tells me she felt me moving right before she readjusted herself when she had woke up. So I have a witness to what happened to me. Now most people would be so messed up over what had just happened to them but for some reason I decided to steal some money from her purse, take her car, and go get more drugs. She ended up leaving me for good that day and I spent my remaining days using drugs and attempting to take my own life on multiple occasions. I getting arrested and doing some time which helped me get my drug addiction under control and also helped me find religion. But my question to you guys is what are the chances I was being possessed by something that was pushing me away from my friends and family and pushing me towards the drugs and eventually suicide? Is that what demons want? For us to committ the ultimate sin? I just don't know what thread to put this question in and I need everyone's honest feedback please. Thanks
My were probably experiencing a hypnagogic hallucination (Just google it to find out more) or even hallucinations due to your drug addiction.

Glad to hear you've got your addiction under control.
I've had sleep paralysis. a few times. one time i seen this thing with no eyes mouth or nose. no facial. features. i wasn't scared. I woke. Up &it dissappeared. what helped. Was frankensense &clery sage. it rid me of that drug problem. i don't even hav urges any more. I've learned drugs. will turn on u. it quits bein fun. My higer self too told me that. it didn't like drugs.
If it's sleep paralysis or hypnagogic hallucination, then I'm not sure why it can be cured.

In my opinion and experience, this stuff is all linked to the psyche. If you change your thinking, you can quit haunting yourself (and others around you).
I have experienced "sleep paralysis" only once in my life. It was a long time ago. Long before I learned anything about the paranormal and had never even heard of sleep paralysis happening to anyone. I had no preconceived notions about it.

An odd thing about it was that recently I had accidentally dug into an old unmarked grave. I was digging a plot that had been marked out in an old family cemetery. One of those that are on a hillside surrounded by woods.

Anyway, thats a long story....

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