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am I in danger?
I have the feeling that I'm being followed. I'll explain how it all began. A week ago I was out at night for an evening stoll. I do this quite often, So I was just walking in a dimly lit street whit my headphones on listening to music. When I stopped to change the song on my phone when I suddenly got the strange feeling someone was behind me. The moment I looked up from my phone I could swear that I saw a standing figure (like a black shadow) standing just in my field of view and a feeling of fear came over me... but when I looked around there was no one! From that point on I have had similar experiences in my house after sunset. I hoped to find here some more information about my probelem and what it might be...
No you are not in danger. Its a misperception
If you have anybody in your family that has passed on it could probably just be them watching over you.
Also do not let the assumption that simply because you sensed fear, that it was justified & allow it to make you believe that what you saw was evil.
That is how evil thrives. Not by it's own actions, but by our fear of it.
Very, very little in the universe is genuinely Evil & in all honesty, what is evil is not as a whole running around looking for people to prey on. As it has lots of man made unpleasantness to feed on.
In the largest part, evil is a marketing tool of the established religions. Think about it, where would Christianity be if it had not created a good & logical reason for us needing it? The perfectly reasonable statement, that you need us because it's nice to be nice, is not going to win many converts is it? But saying you need us to protect you from all this evil & this creation of ours also gives you a very very good excuse for your own stupid choices, now thats different.
"It wasn't me your Honour, I was tempted by evil." Hmmmmm I think not.
Sending something a blessing or some thoughts of peace will never harm you & will only harm it, if it is evil. On the other hand positive thoughts are good for the universe & most within it. And thus valued by most within the universe.
Also like draws like. So if you pass out good thoughts, you will draw good to you.
I began to write and explain all about anitetah, but write in their own language, which is problem.Treba only translate into English, but not leave me because I'm a little older.
I know exactly what you experienced!

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