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Roswell: "The CIA has pictures of aliens" ...
Since the sighted UFO event near Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947, many ufologists and conspiracy theorists have come to say that the US government recovered from the rubble a body of an alien and later performed an autopsy on it. At first, these were just mere suppositions, but in May 1995 the video producer Ray Santilli announced have an incredible material that recorded the autopsy that creature found in Roswell, claiming to have achieved these files from a retired military officer.

Roswell. Every time I hear that name I smile on the inside. Never mind that the United States military set a terrible precedent for themselves. Never mind that the desecrated bodies of a neighboring race continue to be exploited. I'm just grateful the nimps gave a crap about us. Even though it's a moderate event by Sagronian standards, the intervention in that summer of '47 was another precedent which ought to overshadow the rest.

July 7th really should be a holiday.

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