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Sleep paralysis
Hi guys I've been having sleep paralysis from the age of 17 and I'm 24 sometimes they go away and often just creep up out of nowhere last night (01/10/2016) I was seeing this massive black butterfly which transformed into a huge tarantula just feels so real. Sometimes the sleep paralysis gets so deep I can't even fight my way out of it, I scream and shout but no one can hear me because it's a dream just no words to explain how terrifying it can be, I've had sleep paralysis experiences where I've been dragged out of bed into the wall, thrown out the window, sexually experience with the old hag could feel her hairs in my mouth when she was kissing me, heard loud foot steps creeping up the stairs which got louder and louder and started running up towards my room. Have heard voices, seen black figures etc has anyone had similar experiences?

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