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My son heard evil laughter
My son woke up this morning and had to tell me all about what he saw and heard early this morning.
He said he woke up to use the bathroom and as soon as he woke up he heard a really loud evil sounding laugh and then he saw a "giant hairy looking monster". His heart was beating really fast and he couldn't move (he said because he was so scared). He was really troubled by it.
I asked him if he was sure it wasn't a dream and he assured me he woke up to pee.
We hopped on the computer and we researched it (I didn't know how to explain it to him so I thought that would help).
We went through a couple sites that explained what sleep paralysis is and we discussed what he experienced. He came out of this experience more knowledgeable and better prepared if it should happen again.

Before coming to this site and really digging in I had heard about sleep paralysis but didn't really know much about it so I am very grateful for the information here (on this topic and countless others). I couldn't imagine if I had reacted with fear or hadn't been able to explain (with help) what he had experienced, the fear he would have lived with until (or if) he was able to find out what had really happened.
Make him up a bottle of "Monster Spray". I used pine-sol/water when the kids were small. In all seriousness, give the bottle to him and that he must "Believe" it will work. Try this and see.
Thank you for the suggestion! He's ok now though, after he learned what was going on he wasn't bothered by it. He has scary dreams frequently because he loves everything scary and it never carries over in to his awake time, he knows they are dreams and not real this one just shook him up because it felt like he was awake for it and couldn't do anything about it.
I remember. i had afew sleep parysis. one time. i seen this thing its face was blogged out blonde hair. couldn't. tell if it was maler female. my bracelet was off my arm. matter of fact. that bracelet for three times i would. wake up ,it was off my arm layin besides. me. it was tryin to get between. my legs i couldn't move. i stuggled. to wake myself. i still to this day don't know what it was. i shearched the net couldn't find anything about it was it a spirit or alien. i finally woke up &it disappeared. kinda freaked me out. I've had my la
p cord one time move twice on its own. i heard my name called. get some frankinsense oil clery sage. oil. disfuser. that's what I'm do. The best thing too don't feel fear don't show it. stuff feeds off of fear. best wishes. hugs

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