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Need Advice: I see (potentially) demons in my room
I have heard accounts of the scratching (louder than a rat) inside/under the bed, is that specifically a demonic thing?? certainly horrifying either way.

please update us soon!
Hearing voices and seeing phenomena is nothing. What about a meditation on a name some real spiritual being. When it is schizophrenia, so there will be no change. When you have real ability so you will see a real spiritual being.
The best is meditation about a name an "olimpic" spirit, like Phul, Hagith, Och and similar (see Arbarel, The magia) or a lover pagan god or goddess (see pagan myths) or some not bad demon (Lilith for example), not hels demons.
The issue you had with the electronics, is actually because electronics don’t always work correctly. The rest of it after that is because there was a deceased person looking at you, and they were letting you see what they were seeing. The small demon thing is an illusion created by the imagination of the deceased person who’s eyes you were looking through. From my experience (I have experienced things like this), this deceased person is not very evil (which is very good). But what is likely is that things like this will keep happening until you start doing more good (Understand how to do more good). God is in control of people’s interaction with people who have died. Simply said what happens after death is very different from what you are thinking. After any person or creature dies, they are able to go to a place of great paradise (It does not matter how evil they are). They are able to go back to the Earth if they want to. A major issue that a lot of people don’t know about that is very bad, is that eating or killing any living creature on this Earth is bad to do, it is equally just as bad as killing or eating a human. So if you are eating meat or anything like that, stopping doing that could cause these experiences you are having to either stop, or they will start communicating with you in a more pleasant way (It depends on the reason why they are doing this). If you would like to know more about God and life after death, then you should check out this religion

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