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Need Advice: I see (potentially) demons in my room
I've seen and heard spirit things all my life. (Not much experience with demonic - perhaps two or three times.) I'm especially sensitive to emotional trauma, and I think those spirits stuck here because of it sense that. I've had to learn to deal with them as best I can.
(09-16-2016, 03:38 PM)vixen Wrote: I've seen and heard spirit things all my life. (Not much experience with demonic - perhaps two or three times.) I'm especially sensitive to emotional trauma, and I think those spirits stuck here because of it sense that. I've had to learn to deal with them as best I can.

How do you normally deal with it?
I make peace with them if possible, and move them along if necessary. i mostly just talk to them, but use a protective ritual if I have to.
For the most part, I find the experiences curious. I'm empathetic, so their emotional state usually dictates how I deal with them.
(09-16-2016, 11:39 AM)Whimz Wrote: So here's something I never thought I would be talking about.

I have been somewhat plagued over the course of my life with some, let's say, spooky incidents. I don't usually talk about them because they are fairly mild, although frequent, and also because I'm fairly used to these occurrences. I could probably write a 100 page report on all of these types of events that have happened to me in the last 8 years (8 years ago being when I first moved into this house), but I am mainly here today to get some advice and also tell the couple of stories about one reoccurring phenomenon in my life (and then maybe at a later date explain all the other 50 types of incidents that happen to me).

So long story-short: I see (potentially) demons in my room, however, it's not through my own eyes.

That statement might sound confusing, so let me explain with two stories (that happened about a month apart, if anyone's keeping track).

One night a couple months ago, about 11:30 PM - 12 AMish, I was lying in bed (I sleep on my front, to give a better picture) just reading on my phone. My phone is plugged into the outlet at the head of my bed, which I can access through the gaps in my headboard. As I am reading, I notice that my phone is constantly going back and forth between charging and not charging. I'm not moving around, so I assume there's something wrong with the cord. I try and smooth out the cord to try and fix any potential bends in it, and also so I don't have to turn my lamp on and sit up to troubleshoot (aka: I'm lazy). That doesn't help, and it just continues to go back and forth between charging and not. This specific thing hasn't happened to me before, but I have a long history of technology/electronics just not working properly for me (ie. any electronic I get that should be able to function properly without any issues just decides that it's going to do a bunch of random stuff whenever it wants or all of a sudden just no longer perform certain functions).

So because that doesn't work out, I turn my lamp on, sit up, pull my pillows back and look through my headboard at the outlet just below me, and I'm trying to see if I can position the cord in a way that will allow for a better flow (something I often do to fix headphone cords). Eventually, it works out, and my phone goes back to charging, so I turn replace the pillows, turn off my lamp, and resume my previous position. A few minutes ago by and my phone stops charging, and I couldn't understand why because I hadn't moved at all to mess with the cord.

And then I hear scratching under my bed. And it's very clearly not in the walls, but directly under my bed. We've never had mice before, but it's my first assumption, as it is a decently common household problem in my area, and my house is around 100 years old. It sounds louder than what I assume a mouse would sound like, but I mean how would I know? So I sit up again, turn the lamp on, remove the pillows, look through the gaps in my headboard, and I don't really see anything. I try and play with the cord again to simultaneously try and scare the mouse with the noise/movement and also fix my phone.

Again, things go back to normal; phone's fine, noise has stopped, and I fix everything again and go back to bed. Soon enough, the scratching starts up again, louder, and fast as lightning I sit up, turn lamp on, remove pillows, look through headboard and I'm thinking "What the dadgum is that noise?"

As I'm staring down at my outlet + the floor beneath my bed, something happens that...I'm not entirely sure how to describe?
I realize that, for a few seconds, but for what feels like much longer...I'm looking at my back and the back of my head.
To elaborate, what I am seeing is no longer the outlet and the floor, and instead it's as if I'm looking through someone's eyes who's standing behind me. I can see everything that I would see if I was standing just beside my bed, and I'm looking at the back of my head/neck/shoulder area, and can see the floor and the outlet that I was staring at just over my shoulder.
Under my bed, there's someone/something that looks pretty terrifying? As in not really human, staring back up at real me.

And then my vision is normal and I'm just me again sitting on my bed, staring at the empty are under my bed.

I just kinda sit back and stare at the space beside my bed as if I expect to see something there who I can ask, "???The dadgum was that????".
Of course, there's no one there, so after my heart rate returns to normal and I realize the noises have stopped and my phone is fine, I return to bed, and spent most of the night not sleeping because how could I at that point?

Another very similar (and much shorter) event happened about a month after. It was just in the evening and I was laying on my bed, just looking up at the ceiling, taking some time to myself to think about life things. All my lights were on and I definitely wasn't asleep (I can't sleep on my back, anyways), and more-a-less the same thing happens: it's like I'm seeing what someone else would be seeing if they were standing in my doorway, looking at my laying on my bed, except that there is someone (something?) sitting on my bed at my feet, bent over me, staring at my face. This figure was about my height and size (small, rather skinny), except it had no clothes on, and completely burnt black skin (as in it looked like it had all been burnt), with small horns and a semi-human-looking face.
And it was just staring at me.
And then after a couple brief seconds I resume my regular vision and I'm just me laying on my bed, staring at my ceiling.

So I don't really know what to make of these events. I've had much briefer, similar things happen a couple other times, but when I'm looking at myself from somewhere else in the room, there haven't been other figures near me, so I felt that those instances were the most notable.

I'd also just like to mention that I don't see things in my house otherwise, like through my own vision (that sounds so weird). I hear things happening but I never see this kind of thing on my own or outside my house.

My best few guesses are
1) I have some sort of medium in my room that is allowing me to see through itself things that I can't see on my own
2) I have a very vivid imagination and therefore it feels like my thoughts are real (despite me not imagining anything like these events prior to them happening)
3) I'm actually crazy

I'm not sure where to go from there?
If you have any idea of what could be happening to me, or if you've heard of similar things, please let me know! I don't particularly like feeling so lost and alone on this one.
Or even if you have no idea but you just wanna tell me I'm crazy or have a guess at what it is, that's cool, too.

Sounds like you were astral projecting or sort (you 'walked out' of your own physical body whenever it happened) to me. If that's the case, then you were not looking at 'your other self' through somebody or something else's eyes, but through your very own eyes instead.
Quote:Sounds like you were astral projecting or sort (you 'walked out' of your own physical body whenever it happened) to me. If that's the case, then you were not looking at 'your other self' through somebody or something else's eyes, but through your very own eyes instead.

huh wow I never thought of that before :o
That's what it sounds like to me too. Sounds like your astral projecting and looking back and your physical body. Don't know what would be causing it though or why you saw the entities that you saw.
I'm not sure what would even be worse-if it was all in your head or real. Regardless, keep us updated. I once watched a really cool investigation where they did the God Helmet method. If you've never heard of it its a helmet that creates very weak electromagnetic fields around certain lobes of the brain that can cause all sorts of interesting effects. The investigator had it on for 20 minutes or so and during his experience he was looking in a mirror that was sitting across the room from him, but from there he astral projected through another mirror in the house and was able to speak to the investigators on another floor on their evp device. Sounds like a mouthful, I know, but it is a really cool idea. Maybe you're having something similar where something is triggering you to project and be in two places at once.

Do you have a stronger perception of paranormal effects. You see a mix of old energies of human and animal energy at certain moments longer detectable.
This is what happens when you unusually relaxed.
For a time my room as a teen was completely taken over by shadow people. They would litterally corner me in my room. I can imagine what you are talking about. sometimes they can telepathically mess with your head. I'd say be careful.

I don't think you're crazy people see stuff all the time. Not everyone lives in the same reality. Hang in there.
I am an echo from a time long past.
I've heard scratching noises and growls coming from beneath my bed. Don't know if you are religious or not but I would say a prayer and tell it to go away. If I feel uneasy in my home, I also burn sage and do a walk thru of my home carrying the burning sage into each room. Prayer and the power of God is what has helped me throughout the years. Sorry, don't mean to sound like I'm preaching....

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