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Equipment for paranormal-or not
It is interesting to me that 'equipment' is needed to 'find' something paranormal. I am from a different perspective-that for a majority of my life-I wanted nothing to do with spirits, haunted houses...creepy movies. I can only figure that as I think about my lineage-(maternal)gram, & her grampa were very 'aware' of another reality- maybe quantum physics has some answers. I am proud of the 'other' parts of me too- (paternal) the Cherokee part. Who knows if genetics has something to do with another 'awareness'.....just as perhaps blue eyed parents often have blue eyed kids. My moms side actually are all blue eyed & Irish- my dads is brown.... I was the only family member with brown eyes- growing up with my moms side of the family after divorce.

As for equipment-to locate paranormal........ from these trying yrs of perhaps some awakening(I didn't ask for)....... My equipment is just me. If I 'hear' words, 'feel' like something/someone is poking me, if I 'see' an entity- if I FEEL fear or weirdness- usually its a non-attention required thing.

If I feel 'neutral'- THEN react, that's an occurance-& I must judge if anything about it is relevant for me-or a distraction. I sound like a goof ball I am sure, to many who may read this-but that's ok. Just know you really don't need to camp in a cemetery (what spirit wants to hang out where its kind of sad?) to experience the etheric or spirit dimension. It is right were ever you are. Seems creepy-but its not. Mostly-of what I have experienced these last 10+ yrs, is nonjudgmental energies; if turbulent-'it' is more likely sort of confused or scared 'itself'...(however that can be).

I don't have answers, but have to trust-there is explanation to paranormal~we'll understand, someday ~ Usually, 'quieting' the million thoughts that clog our mind, helps-if one wants to experience or be aware of an entity.(& ya, the temperature drop is true too-but not consistant I notice)~


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