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Weird Photo
[Image: 7A560014-4530-4A08-A610-B53F623805FF_zps7y7odb8m.jpg]

Here's a photo a friend of mine gave me. She thought I would be interested since sometimes I see stuff. I studied it and I think I know what it is. Here's the back story:

A friend of my friend was taking photos at her daughters birthday party. Turns out that unfortunately her son died tragically only a couple of weeks later. I was not able to question her about the picture directly. All of this is second or third hand information. When she got her pictures back (either old school film or memory card is what I'm thinking) she found this image mixed in with photos of the party. I'm guessing she took this photo with her phone of the original and sent it to my friends phone with her phone. From there I forwarded that message to my phone, then to my email. I used a photoshop type software to lighten the image so it could be seen more clearly. I then posted that image here.

I won't taint your opinion by giving you my opinion until later.
So what do you think?
Whatever falls from my brain
To me it looks like a dim, really close image of cloth with a zipper at the bottom edge.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

I was thinking of a zipper too.

Wow...weirdly at first it looked like a dog....its face & floppy ear....I suddenly see a row of faces , if you cover the photo with your hand(I am on my phone)..first all of it, then skoot yer hand a bit to the left, the first shape seems like the silowhette (spelling sorry) of the side of a face looking toward the left(oof I am not explaining very well), but then another face, and another - like a row of people....huh. Geez, I am sorry for her loss-thats a super difficult thing to happen; hope she is doing ok herself : (
Not many takers on this one. I'll tell you what I think it is:
An accidental shot blurred severely by camera movement. If you look closely you can see patterns that repeat indicating rapid movement. But it sure looks like the face of some kind of demon or something otherworldly. Look closely - do you see it?
Whatever falls from my brain

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