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How People Are Fooled by Ideomotor Action
I stumbled across this while trying to read up on the ideomotor effect. It's a big wall of text but it's extremely informative, especially in relation to ouija boards, pendulums and dowsing. Would love to hear some responses on it.
As you can read on this site blind belief over powers common sense and facts.

If you want to see something more dangerous where the ideomotor is in effect read about the fake bomb detectors that are behind thousands of deaths. Some sold for as much as $40,000 a piece with hundreds of millions spent on them.
I can see someone fooled into thinking that they have a spirit talking to them through a ouija, or that they are getting answers through a pendulum, not only are they (maybe) not aware of subconscious movements but they also a lot of times have the emotional stake in it as well, trying to reach deceased family members and such. That article you posted however was just reckless and sad, it amazes me that the governments that bought them didn't have them more thoroughly tested. They were sold a 40,000 dollar dowsing rod with hopes of keeping thousands and thousands of people safe. It's a good example though of the damage blind belief can have.

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