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I keep seeing this girl in my dreams
I know this isn't particularly unusual. I've heard other people talk about dreaming of a person they're pretty sure they've never met. But even so I wanted to talk about it.

So for like 3 years I've been having dreams off and on of this same girl. I'm really pretty sire I've never seen her in real life Now sure I may have seen her somewhere before and just don't remember it, but I don't KNOW her. I've dreamt of her 4 times. Well maybe that's not the right way to say that. I've had 4 dreams that she was in. They've never been about her. She's just been there with me. It's always been so strange though because no one else in any dream I've ever had has interacted with me in such a realistic way. She seems to age with me and feels just like a real person. And good lord am I in love with her.
Now I hadn't seen her in a good 6 months and had started to forget, but she showed up in my dream last night and it felt like coming home. She was with another person for the first time. He was her friend or cousin or something. They came into the bar I was in and when i saw them I immediately felt like I knew them from somewhere. We made eye contact and it all came back. The guy was friendly and talked to me about stuff that fit the storyline of the dream but she just smiled at me and didn't say amything. It was like...we were actors playing the parts we were given for this particular dream story, but at the same time our...higher selves (for lack of a better way to say it) were having an entirely different conversation. Not a verbal conversation (she didn't actually say anything at all that I can remember) but one that was all emotions being conveyed back amd forth.
In the dream, she and the guy were in some indie band that I had interacted with in the past. He was referencing some event that I'd seen them at a couple years prior. Then he looks over at her and is like "hey give Mer one of our new business cards!" So she does. Only she hands me one of the business cards as well as another small card ( slightly bigger than the business card) that felt conpletely out of place. It had a short message written on it. I don't remember the whole thing but it said something like "I've missed you. Its been a while but I'm glad you remember."
Of course we spent the rest of the dream keeping some kind of physical contact the whole time, but we just let the story play out. I really wish this had been a lucid dream so I could have asked her stuff, but I've only ever managed that once and she wasn't there. Oh well. I'll have to practice it more.
So that's basically it. I would just write it off as a normal dream for me (my dreams are typically pretty vivid), but whenever I wake up from a dream with her I nearly want to cry because it feels like I've suddenly lost something. I usually spend the rest of the day feeling kind of fuzzy. Like the waking world doesn't feel as real as it should.

Anyway, I'd love to hear any thoughts you guys have on this. I left some past stuff out for the sake of time and typig ease (I'm writing this on my phone), so if you have any questions fire away.
This sounds weird, but did your mom have a misscarraige? Before you were born? Oddly- sometimes a guide or loved one as guide can be a passed one, we never knew of~not sure why that perspective popped into my mind, but I have many vivid dreams have had to twist my perception of how one(or many) of mine might be 'for'. I have lots of funky just regular dreams- but tend to have ones that have lots of 'layers' as yours strikes me~
This is very common just usually, People are very sure they've never met someone but the brains of a human are not able to make new faces, So in those cases people tend to have actually seen someone with the same face on thee streets or somewhere even for a second and that face has been transported to their dreams.

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