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The Bizzare Death of Peter Vesey.


Carl Payne Tobey

Although these notes are written from
memory, it is a true case with a record in
newspapers and courts. Whatever further de-
tails might be desired can. obtained.

Peter Vescy wrote astrological fiction for
American Astrology Magazine. I did nojt like
his fiction and cannot be accused of having
read it. His stories were popular with the
public. Although I was one of the editors
of the magazine at the time, I wasn’t inter-
ested in Peter Vesey, which appears to have
been his true name. Perhaps I should have
been more interested. Had I known what
was ahead for Peter Vesey, I might have
read his stories with great interest.

Peter Vescy lived on a farm, way out west
somewhere. I forget where, but can check.
His stories came by mail and were always
published. Then they stopped coming, and
we didn’t hear from Peter Vesey. Little
thought was given to the matter, and his
spacq was filled by sQipeone else.

One day, came a letter from a reader who
lived in Peter Vesey’s part of the country.
It enclosed newspaper clippings. Peter Vesey
was no longer mortal. Peter Vesey had de-
parted under strange circumstances. The story
was something like this.

It was early in the day ... before noon.
Peter Vesey had devoted his life to studying
strange subjects. He went in for the occult.
He was secretive. He studied alone. On this
morning, he called his wife and son, the
only persons in the house outside of himself,
to the living room. He explained that he
wanted to be alone for a while. He had
something he wanted to do. He wanted to be
left in the house alone for an hour. As a
favor, he asked whether his wife and son
would mind going out and walking around
the grounds, for an hour.

Although the request may have seemed
strange, Peter Vesey was a strange fellow
anyway, and wife and son did not take the

14 6

The Fortean

Autumn, 14 F. S.

request as anything too unusual. They went
out of the house and walked and talked in
the ground's.

For one hour, Peter Vescy was alone in
the house.

At the end of that time, wife and son

On the floor of the living room, were the
remains of Peter Vescy. They were charred
remains. His body was burned to a crisp.
Nothing around the body, nothing else in
the 100m, was in any way burned. Just Peter
Vcsey was burned. At the far end of the
100m was a fire-place with a modest fire.
But there was no traceable connection be-
tween this fire and Peter Vescy. Nothing be-
tween the fire and Peter Vcsey was burned.

The authorities were never able to de-
termine what happened to Peter Vesey.
All we ever knew about the matter was
that the termination of his stories by mail
coincided with the above event. If more ac-
curate and detailed data should be desired,
I’ll have it dug out of the fi les of American
Astrology Magazine. ''

What could have burned him but nothing else, and do you think it's a coincidence it happened as he needed an hour alone to do 'something'?
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