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is OUIJA BOARD safe?
(08-16-2016, 04:55 PM)ghostouija2 Wrote: is ouija board safe to use? can i summon some evil spirits?

Yes it's safe live with it for awhile and see what happens.  living spirits are not made to be evil;  you create manifest what you fear.  living spirits like to feel more of life.  menacing people seems like market for the living.  I realize that to drawn to the Occult is a difficult thing to resist; it is I believe a natural draw.  As a woman I compare it to wanting a baby it's as natural as breathing.  People have made others fear the board like it is something terrible when in fact once you've conquered your per-existing stereotypical way of looking at the board you'll find it very useful and useful.  You will find it is as magical or logical as it is suppose to be.  Before computers and getting information at our fingertips the occult symbols and what not existed and we garnered information from that along with gods, crystals, tarots etc.  But these used technically are more powerful then any computer server AI robot that man can ever create.  Those living spirits are very very intelligent and have access to information that can help you and the world if you Believe.  That ouija board or as I call it Mother Board is space ship waiting to take you on a ride to supernatural places; a trip to the outer limits.  The motherboard is programmable.  Think of it and you like that of the 7 layers of the OSI.  And instead of getting stuck in the total negative fears you can break thru to the Cloud.  Take the motherboard/ouija board and use the good book and read the psalm 18.  Oh, yes you need God with you on this as Jesus is the Device Manager and the greatest manWitch ever lived.  You need to update your board as part of the programming by using your current newspapers open around the board, your favorite books, maths, updating the spirits as to what is going on in your world they need to READ.  I also used the Cisco books to update the spirits on sWitches, hubs networking etc.  Program the board and leave it open let the spirits READ.  Some of these spirits and ghosts are stuck in a TIME PERIOD this will help UPDATE them.  You ARE IN CONTROL of your MOTHERBOARD.
If you like further insight be happy to oblige.
Also, during this programming and build you will be communicating to THE SELF i.e., higher Self.  This programming will allow you to put in place long term goals you may want in future existences.  The board will implement your program once the SELF creates the partnership with the SOUL/souls.  Now I'm being told that the OLD TESTAMENT is Old news and that preferably the NEW TESTAMENT is the update needed.  The Old news however is necessary only if you're partaking in the fundamental pact with the God of Abraham.  
You might notice some crashes around you but as we know computers do crash time to time.  In this case we're dealing with the Supernatural and it is naturally bound to occur. READ/WRITE very important to the programming leave the board open with the reading material and lets Update that board.
Is English not your first language? Your confusion with an overselling board game, computer programming, and extreme religious terms is complete nonsense.
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(03-07-2018, 10:57 PM)Vultyrex Wrote: Is English not your first language? Your confusion with an overselling board game, computer programming, and extreme religious terms is complete nonsense.

Not much of a moderator with a tone like that.
It makes sense to those of us who understand.  And by the by it does work.  Experiment with it you'll see.
You can not derive someone else's tone from reading thier text. That's your own brain crafting the tone that you want it to be depending on your current mood.

I will not experiment with a Quija board. Especially, not in the way you're attempting to amalgamate.

I've a question for you; if your software is so divine but yet prone to crashing, that would not make it a perfect program as God is suppose to be infallible, wouldn't you agree?
[Image: space.gif]
I think it's not so much a thing of audible tone, as much as the general tone of the conversation. The direction, if you will.

I'll grant you, that is a very creative theory of how a ouija board works. I've never heard of it put like that...ever. Mostly because, and I don't know how to properly communicate this (as I have had to many times before):

It's a piece of cardboard and a plastic piece with plexiglass...

Ghostouija2, I would like to posit another conceptualization of the ouija. Granted, it won't take you on a fantastical journey through the universe, and it isn't your "motherboard", but it does the trick.

It's a communication medium. It doesn't open portals. It doesn't call on ethereal energies. It's cardboard with lettering and numbers, and you can communicate with something that is already there.

I emphasize: You are not talking to anything that is not already there.

This is important to note, because there are two things that are communicated with a ouija board.

The first is the result of the idiomotor effect. You can say whatever you want about science and religion, the idiomotor effect is still a biiiig part of the ouija scene. That doesn't mean it is the only part of the scene. Nor does it mean that it is the fundamental and sole way to which it works. It's important to note that it can be present in situations. The only way the idiomotor effect can be maintained, in this instance, is if the use of such a board is mundane in some way. Thus, the boards used for communication with the spirit realm ought to be compatible with a mundane experience too.

The second is the result of actual communication with spirits. It takes nothing at all, for a paranormal event to be sparked, simply by asking questions and seeing what happens. You can ritualize it all you want, but, unless you are actively summoning a demon with the lesser key of solomon, you aren't breaking open any portals of gazing into the skein. You're just talking to the room and seeing who responds.

The board itself is safe. The things you are talking to, may or may not be. "Living" spirits are not a thing. If they are living, then they are not spirits. If they are manifestations of what you fear, they are not spirits. Keep that in mind too. Spirits exist independently of what you might think or believe them to be. They used to be living people, now deceased. Hell, maybe never born. And if you are talking about the "spirit realm", that could include all manners of things not even human, alive or dead.
(03-08-2018, 12:58 AM)makingmoreof Wrote:
(03-07-2018, 10:57 PM)Vultyrex Wrote: Is English not your first language? Your confusion with an overselling board game, computer programming, and extreme religious terms is complete nonsense.

Not much of a moderator with a tone like that.
It makes sense to those of us who understand.  And by the by it does work.  Experiment with it you'll see.

Tone, in written composition, is an attitude of a writer toward a subject or an audience. Tone is generally conveyed through the choice of words, or the viewpoint of a writer on a particular subject. ... The tone can be formal, informal, serious, comic, sarcastic, sad, or cheerful, or it may be any other existing attitude.

crash - God is perfect we're not.  and at any rate on this level YOU ARE THE CREATOR or the PROGRAM YOU program update you are the OSI you just need to use the tools I mentioned to establish your BUS your CLOCK etc etc
Regardless, you are still not making any sense with your amalgamated theory.
[Image: space.gif]
Sorry, makingmoreof. I'd agree with Vulty here. I don't really understand what you're trying to put out there. The computer references are just gumming up the works in the machine, here.
Dear all,

I am humbled by your critique. If I may suggest a reading of the book titled 'Seth Speaks, The Eternal Validity of the Soul'
if you have not already.
In this book it suggests the following:
.we resist the idea that the soul is an open spiritual system, a powerhouse of creativity that shoots out in all directions
.to have a glimpse in logical terms you would have to understand it in spiritual, psychic, and electomagnetic terms, and understand the basic nature of consciousness and action as well.
.one prerequisite for such an intuitive understanding of the soul is the desire to achieve it. If the desire is strong enough, then you will be automatically led to experiences that will enable you to do this
.because you hold limited concepts of your OWN reality, then you cannot practically take advantage of MANY ABILITIES that are your own; and while you have a limited concept of the soul, you cut yourself off from the source of your own BEING and CREATIVITY.

The technique that I have written regarding updating your motherboard is an attempt for you to somewhat achieve the Many Abilities that YOU have.

If this isn't clearer after reading the book then all I can say is 'you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink it.' Sometimes think out of the box

Take care.

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