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Ouija Contact Ajax
I had purchased an ouija board but had no result using it by myself in my apartment.

I wound up taking it though when two of my closest friends, my daughter and I had rented a cottage directly on the beach of Sound View CT shoreline.

My friend Sandy and I were extremely interested in the paranormal so we looked forward to using the board together.

I did a protection ritual for protection and then we commenced our session. We first contacted what felt like a benevolent spirit named Rose. Rose felt like a grand mother. However, Rose became suddenly eclipsed by an ancient male spirit who identified himself as AJAX.

Ajax gave the cause of death as drowning and was answering questions in an intelligent albeit cryptic fashion and the more we were in contact the more we grew afraid. All pins and needles in the back of our neck and it felt like all the hair on our arms was standing on end. We decided to end the session put the board away and headed outside to the beach. We had rented the cottage in September after Labor Day and it felt very desolate at Sound View like we had entire town to ourselves.

When we returned to the cottage Donna and Sandy decided to give the board another try. I was still frightened by the first session so I just watched. The planchet was only going to 5 Q over and over again in rapid sucession. Sandy was apartment hunting during that time and thought perhaps that was an apartment number. I thought nothing in particular until the next morning when I awoke and reflected on the happenings of the day before and realized that if you say 5 Q rapidly it actually was swearing dadgum you.

I refused to bring board home and was relieved that Donna wanted it.

Subsequently Donna seemed changed with a dark aura. And we never mentioned any experiences she had or if she was actually using the board.
Since I will soon be working with Djinn and keeping a journal I bought a new Ouija board.

I will be using it to communicate with Djinn and journaling.

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