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Does humanity posess psychic abilities?
This a post from an OBEE group on FB i'm a member of.

Here's some interesting CIA document reads: 

CENTER LANE (Stargate) Briefing. Speaks of using remote influencing and psychokinesis which I've never read before in reference to CENTER LANE.…/docume…/cia-rdp96-00788r001700340002-6

Monroe's involvement in CENTER LANE. Monroe was paid quite a bit to train CENTER LANE operatives.…/do…/CIA-RDP96-00788R001700220013-7.pdf

CIA's comment on CENTER LANE 6 years into the program. They say it produced results far beyond chance and wish to continue being a customer of the Stargate program. The same organization terminated CENTER LANE later on.…/do…/CIA-RDP96-00788R001600510003-7.pdf

Here is a letter written by the CENTER LANE project manager attempting to keep it alive. The manager is so confident in its results that he implies that it would just be started up again later and it would take unnecessary time and resources to restart a program. Perhaps there is another psychoenergetics program on the go right now that is classified.…/do…/CIA-RDP96-00788R001500100016-9.pdf
xD All of those links are chalk-full of phrases like "outright misses", and, ultimately, ended with the program being shut-down. You don't just shut-down a government program bent on using "psychoenergeticly-inclined" individuals. They could be huge assets to every part of warfare and policing/counter-intelligence and resolving domestic terrorism.

To me, it reads more as if they had struck out, and were trying to save face. Of course, it happens. Even the gov understands when they need to cut their losses.
There's not enough money to ever pay me to remote view for any government.
Awww, driftwood. What makes you think you'd have a choice, if the government thought you were the best way to help? Regardless, they're technology now is so advanced for surveillance, they probably get more (and dependable) information out of their own methods, than asking someone to remote view. People can always lie. Scanners and video-feeds don't.
Until a technology is created to perpetuate a lie through them.
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