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first O.B.E. about 3 years ago
i remember listening to a guided meditation for OBE's on youtube a few years ago and i remember going into a pseudo sleep like state, i cant remember what happened because its been years ago but i do remember that when i woke up i had only been asleep for about 10-30 minutes and it felt like i had slept for hours.
sounds like it was possibly a partial astral state, or maybe an altered dreaming state.

i remember that a few yrs ago i had gotten a book on how to astral and apparently after a few nights of reading it, i felt that i had traveled some place else on earth and it felt VERY real to me, and i couldnt seem to wake up until later and i wonder if it was a bit of a lucid dream that happened due to me reading about how to astral.

i know for the most part learning how to do it is not good to do on your own and you may get into problems and cannot get back to your body. i understand that stuff like what happens in the movie insidious can actually happen. (not something i would want to mess with). i have had other dream situations happen as well where i feel i have traveled somewhere else on earth as well.

there have also been dreams where i have been awake (but asleep) and seeing everything i would have seen from my position had i been awake and laying there, but my eyes were totally closed, and i had this happen in connection with having someone appear from behind me while i was asleep to comfort me cuz i was going through a difficult time, and i felt their hand on my shoulder, and them talking to me and what they were saying, and before they came and when they departed i heard like a ripping sound (like tearing fabric maybe), so i am of the opinion it could have been a family member that crossed over that had come back to give me support during that time, or maybe my guardian angel. dreams can be funny with how things work in them it leaves your mind open to higher states of consciousness that you normally cannot attain in your waking life, consciously.

i have also had dreams where i feel that bad things are around and i have also had dreams where i have managed to predict the future to a degree by 1-2 days. (a package arriving in the mail)

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